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#139 - Shadow Integration + Healing the Loneliness Wound with Teal Swan

Sexy Soul Radio

Release Date: 09/06/2018

Join me and Teal Swan, The Spiritual Catalyst, for an interview about integrating your shadow to awaken, overcome addictions, and heal the loneliness wound on the planet.

Here’s what were diving deep into:

-Teal’s break-down of what the shadow is and how to shed light on what yours is

-Her approach on addiction that you’ve never heard before, WHY it is prominent in the human species, how conventional treatment is BARELY skimming the surface of the issue and Teal’s method for getting to the ROOT of the wound

--Why shadow work is the only way to get off the personal development/healing hamster wheel

-How to actually discover your purpose in a way society never talks about

-Why your perception of intimacy is actually perpetuating your isolation and how to shift out of it

-Why loneliness is one of the largest epidemics that is creating SUFFERING on the planet and how we can take steps towards resolution

This episode will give you a deep dive into Teal’s work and beliefs around healing and shine light on the wounds you’ve been running away from so you can step fully into your purpose.

Head HERE to learn more about Teal’s events and pre-order your copy of The Anatomy of Loneliness.

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