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Sexy Soul Radio

Release Date: 09/14/2018

If you’re a coach that needs to get ACTIVATED into your next level of business, wealth, and leadership... this series is going to rock your soul.

Join me and my biz bestie, Chiara Mazzucco, to jam on the three pillars of our new mastermind experience: ACTIVATE.

In this finale, we are exploring how to step into your role as a LEADER. We're unpacking all of the blocks that are keeping you from your power as a coach (and business owner) so you can get the real-deal scoop on what it takes to embody your bold, get what you want, and hold space for powerful transformations. 

Take deep breaths throughout this one and ALLOW this truth to activate you into your next level.

If you’re READY for the 3-month mastermind experience and joining us in San Diego October 13th to make a quantum leap in your business, hit either myself or Chiara up on social media or shoot us an email and we’ll shoot you an application.

It’s game time.


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