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#145 - Are you LEADING or are you PLEASING?

Sexy Soul Radio

Release Date: 09/24/2018

In this solocast, I’m confronting you with the huge question that’s standing between you and your ability to lead yourself (and others) to greatness…

Are you LEADING or are you PLEASING?

Here’s what I’m serving up:

-Why pleasing others is a waste of time that will get you far, FAR away from your soul’s true desires

-The truth about why you aren’t attracting your ideal clients (you know...the ones that actually CARE about the work, show up/pay on time, and RESPECT you)

-Why a TRUE leader doesn’t give AF if anyone *understands* them

-The NEW paradigm of a feminine leader and how you can rise to the top WITHOUT being a bossy b*tch

This episode is filled with the heat you need to end the obsession with pleasing others and start standing UP and answering the door when opportunity comes knocking.

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