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This Is Rad!

Release Date: 07/17/2019

Rap Flow show art Rap Flow

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Matthew welcome Josh Shakespeare to the show for a conversation about what makes a rappers flow distinct. They compare the distinct stylistic flow different artists bring to their music and compare it to the way comedians tell jokes. I bet nobody saw that comparison coming! They also reminisce about the heyday of Meltdown. If you like comedy-centric episodes, this one is your jam.   Weekly Rads:   Kyle – Doctor Sleep (movie)   Burnside – Watchman (tv show)   check out Laura's new designs on TeePublic!!!   Guys, Kyle's new album Absolute Terror is...

The Alien Franchise show art The Alien Franchise

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Matthew welcome photographer Blake Griffin to the show to chat about the Alien Franchise. Everybody involved is a fan and they really go deep on this one. From the cinematic perfection that are Alien and Aliens to the triumphs and tragedies of the comics and video games. We dig into the franchise and leave very few stones unturned. So climb into your power loader and strap in because in podcasting nobody can hear you scream. (That's not true, we hear Kyle scream on this podcast all the time. Zing!)   Weekly Rads:   Kyle – HBO's Watchen (show)   Matthew –...

Halloween Special 2019 show art Halloween Special 2019

This Is Rad!

Hello kiddies and welcome to the This Is Rad 2019 Halloween Special. Join your hosts Sack Weldon and The Matt Keeper as they guide you through two dark and twisted tales.   Stories:   The Smallest Sacrifice by Kyle Clark   and   Developing The Sequel by Kyle Clark   Please enjoy and have a spooky, safe, and happy Halloween!   heck out Laura's new designs on TeePublic!!!   Guys, Kyle's new album Absolute Terror is offfically out!!! Get it wherever you stream music... no for real... do it now... please... This episode is sponsored bywww.mackweldon.comuse the...

Marilyn Manson show art Marilyn Manson

This Is Rad!

This week on the show the boys welcome Alexis Filth to chat about rock and roll provocateur Marilyn Manson. In a fun twist of fate we learn that while all three enjoy his music, none of them discovered him when they were in his traditional teen demographic. How do you learn to appreciate the AntiChrist Superstar as an adult? Listen and find out. Plus they explore Manson's place in the 90's/00's musical landscape, the ways he has evolved over the years, and some of the interesting side projects he's worked on over the years. So dust off your old Hot Topic shirts and come along on another...

Body Horror show art Body Horror

This Is Rad!

Radtober rages on as Kyle and Matthew welcome Jen Saunderson and Amy Drolet to chat about body horror. Amy, Jen, and Kyle are all on the same horror trivia and share a special love for the gooier side of horror. Let's me honest, who amongst us doesn't wanna see somebody melt sometimes? Who doesn't want to see eyes grow out of places where eyes shouldn't grow. From classic 80's movies to modern video games the gang explore some classics form the genre and just why exactly body horror is such an effective and long running subgenre.   Weekly Rads:   Matthew – El Camino (movie) and...

Guillermo del Toro show art Guillermo del Toro

This Is Rad!

For week two of Radtober 2019 we are joined by Adam Murray for a nearly 4 hour chat about one of the greatest living directors, the one and only Guillermo del Toro! We go movie by movie and explore what makes Guillermo del Toro such a unique film maker. Are you a big fan? Then come hang out with some fellow fans and nerd out. New to del Toro? Consider this a perfect primer! Listen and if one of the movies sounds interesting go check it out. We go from his childhood in Mexico all the way through to speculating about what he might do next. Is it long? Yes. Is it awesome? Also yes. So sit down,...

Halloween TV Specials show art Halloween TV Specials

This Is Rad!

Radtober 2019 is HERE!!! We kick of Radtober 2019 with a nice long chat with Brian Wiley and Jesse Dean about Halloween TV Specials. Garfield and pirate ghosts? You bet we talk about it. Are You Afraid of the Dark hour long special episodes about pirate ghosts? Oh, it's in there. That South Park with Korn where they were looking for Pirate Ghosts? Yeah dawg, we got you covered. There is also talk about things that aren't pirate ghosts, including Universal Horror Nights (on both coasts!), turning your dorm into a haunt, and Andy Dick. Grab a plastic pumpkin full of fun sized candy, kick back,...

Poetry show art Poetry

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Mathew welcome Kyle's longtime friend, poet Crystal Sloan. Kyle and Crystal used to work at the same school back in the day and have collaborated on many projects in the past. In the last few years Crystal has come into her own as a writer and a poet and been publishing books and traveling around doing speaking gigs with her poetry. She also knows how to hula hoop with a flaming hula hoop. Can Robert Frost do that? I didn't think so. If you dig deep talks about creative process this episode has got you covered. If you like King Crimson, that also comes up a bit. There's fun...

Point Break show art Point Break

This Is Rad!

Today on the show Kyle and Matthew welcome Lyndon Tucker to chat about one of the great action movies of the 90's Kathryn Bigelow's Point Break. Kyle and Lyndon love this movie and Matthew just saw it for the first time hours before we recorded the episode. He was less in love. But the three have a fun and in depth conversation about the film nonetheless. They go deep breaking down each character and try to understand the strange alchemy that the movie has that makes it work. They also discuss Kathryn Bigelow and how she is one of the best living American directors. Oh, and there are some...

Wrasslin'  show art Wrasslin'

This Is Rad!

This week on the show Kyle and Matthew welcome comedians Travis Tate and Jacob Leigh for a fun and casual chat about the wild world of wrestling. But believe it or not, they go on some fun tangents. Our description is short cause this episode needs to get posted in like an hour. But its a fun episode!   Weekly Rads:   Kyle – It: Chapter 2 (movie) and Hip Hop Evolution (series)   Matthew – Observer (video game) and Brew Ska Ska (event)   Check out Laura's new designs on TeePublic!!!   Guys, Kyle's new album Absolute Terror is offfically out!!! Get it wherever you...

More Episodes

The summer of rad gets foodie as Kyle prepares a lovely flight of popsicles for a panel of discerning palettes. Kyle and Matthew are joined by Robert Ahn, Taylor VH, and Nancy Clark for a discussion of what constitutes a popsicle versus and ice cream novelty, cartooned themed snacks, and the mysterious allure of the ice cream man. We put together a good solid half hour of chat before we start eating so if you are grossed out by people eating on mic, there is a well designated jumping off point. That said, if you can take a little bit of audible slurping (we tried to eat away from mic as much as possible, we're not monster) then you get some good riffing.


Technical Note: We were getting some funky buzzes from the aging power cable we were using. We're working on upgrading and its pretty quiet and only happens a few times but figured we'd let you know that we know.


Popsicle Flight:

Standard Popsicle brand basic popsicle

Rocket Pop

Sherbet Push Up

Outshine Pineapple Bar

Helados Mexico Fresca-Strawberry Bar


Orange Creamsicle


Weekly Rads:


Kyle – Crawl (movie)


Robert – Lillians Bread and Sweets (Filipino restaurant inside a carwash)


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Guys, Kyle's new album Absolute Terror is offfically out!!! Get it wherever you stream music... no for real... do it now... please...

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