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This Is Rad!

Release Date: 12/07/2022

Adventure Time II show art Adventure Time II

This Is Rad!

The boys are joined by comedian Joseph Garcia for a return to one of our earliest topics, Adventure Time. For those who don't know, the first Adventure Time episode was the first This Is Rad! Episode we ever recorded. That was almost nine years ago. Our guest was still a kid watching the show back then! In the time since that episode, the show has come to an end. We chat a bit about the end of the show and the subsuquent movies. Plus, some classic stand up chat and the boys reminise about the Gamecube...   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Anime Sickos (podcast) Burnside – On Cinema with Tim...

Smoked Meats show art Smoked Meats

This Is Rad!

Kyle and Matthew are joined by comedian Timmy Booth for a chat about the fine art of smoking meats. Timmy lives in Seattle now but originally hails from North Carolina. He grew up around smoked meats and has been able to bring some of his southern cooking style to the kind and rain soaked people of Seattle. Plus, Kyle tries awkwardly to explain what a vegitarian looks like. Prepare to be hungry by the end of this episode...   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Scream 6 (movie) Matthew – Roll for Sandwich (youtube of tiktok video account) Timmy – The Driving Range (activity)   Check out...

Booking Shows show art Booking Shows

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Matthew are joined by Marty Ploy to talk about booking shows and choosing a life in DIY music. Marty was a prolific booker for decads booking early SoCal shows for tons of bands including Against Me!, Defiance Ohio, and Frank Turner. He shares his story of getting involve in music without being a musician. We talk about the often undersung heroes of a music scene. The people outside of the bands who book shows and run zines and put out records. A healthy scene needs to be supportive if it wants to thrive and Marty gives some great insights into how to foster a good scene....

Dance Music Subgenres show art Dance Music Subgenres

This Is Rad!

The one and only Andy Iwancio returns to the show to give the boys a lesson in the finer nuances of dance music subgenres. She also shows how the history of dance music and the various musical and technological influences that have shaped the face of dance music. Grab the glowsticks and your 303 and get ready!   Andy put out an EP called Hard Trans and you should all go buy it.   Weekly Rads: Kyle – call me tonight (ova), dolche de leche cinnomine toast crunch (cereal) Matthew – The concept of elecricity, phillips customer service Andy – Whodunit Mysteries, matt cole's...

Yellowstone show art Yellowstone

This Is Rad!

This week Burnside is out with an injury so Kyle flies solo over the natural grandure of Yellowstone National Park, and it's associated television series. Yes, the park is rad, but comedian Jill Silva chats with us about her fascination with the hit TV series. What factors have made this show such a massive success? Join us as we chat about the ultimate Dad show and the fact that nobody likes billionares.   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Without Burnside, Kyle forgot to say a Weekly Rad. But, I dunno, read a book or something...   Check out Burnside playing video games at    Get...

Track Suits show art Track Suits

This Is Rad!

This week the boys are joined by comedian and promoter Zach Miller (@zachmillerdawg) to chat about his love affair with track suits. Years ago, Zach committed to exclusively wearing track suits on stage. He explains his reasoning along with some tips on where to get good track suits and what might make a good starter suit. If you've been looking for a fresh new look, this might be the place to start.     Weekly Rads: Kyle – Mork Borg (tabletop RPG) Burnside – The PSVR2 has shipped (event) Zach – Going to the mountians (Big Bear Lake) (activity/place)   Check out Burnside...

Swallowed show art Swallowed

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Matthew are joined by director Carter Smith to chat about his new film Swallowed. They chat about queer cinema, body horror, and Kyle nerds out about author Dennis Cooper.   SWALLOWED is available on Demand and Digital Feb. 14!   Weekly Rad: Kyle – Kyoto Video series by KaiserBeamz (youtube) Matthew – Chicken Wings (food)   Check out Burnside playing Lover Watch: Overwatch Valentine's Day Stream at   Get Kyle Clark's I'm a Person: Director's Cut  You can go to   and pay what you want for the full uncut set from “I'm a Person”...

High Fashion show art High Fashion

This Is Rad!

Hmm, it feels like there might be some sort of deceptive wordplay in the title... This week Kyle and Matthew are joined by comedian and boutique clothing designer Angie Stocker. Angie tells us how she got into designing clothes and the cool stuff that has come from it. Plus, Matthew and Angie ruminate on their future business empires.   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Mr. Mom (movie) (also Spirited Away was good too) Matthew – Dead Space remake (video game) Angie – Micro-dosing Psilocybin (activity) Get Kyle Clark's I'm a Person: Director's Cut  You can go to   and pay...

Disney World Report 2023 w/Joe Kaye (Joe Kaye Edition) show art Disney World Report 2023 w/Joe Kaye (Joe Kaye Edition)

This Is Rad!

Our dear Joe Kaye went to Walt Disney World in January of 2023. A bunch of stuff has opened or been remodeled and with Kyle AND Laura frothing at the mouth to talk theme parks, we go ham on food, rides, and general ambiance.   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Plane (movie), Bummer by cleopatric (album) Matthew – Koala Man (show), The Menu (movie), Yolo (show), That 90s Show (show)   Get Kyle Clark's I'm a Person: Director's Cut  You can go to   and pay what you want for the full uncut set from “I'm a Person” which includes 20 mins of unheard material, plus an...

Netflix Dating Shows show art Netflix Dating Shows

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Matthew welcome back comedian Emily Walsh for a chat about how a recent injury turned into a bit of a love affair with the world of Netflix dating shows. Matthew knows his way around some of these shows as well and they both do a good job explaining the high concept shows to a bewildered Kyle. They also talk about earthquakes and tornados for a while. So put yourself in an isolation pod, kick back, and share in the love...   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Teenage Engineering PO-80 (mini record maker) Matthew – Crazy Zillow Listings (fun internet activity) Emily – Forest...

More Episodes

This week the boys are joined by comedian and documentarian Alexanderra Totz for a conversation about hiking, stand up, and the different lives we have in the different places we live. Plus, some good Baltimore talk and gay skydiving, what more could you want?


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Weekly Rads:

Kyle – The Menu (movie) and Sugar and Spice by Boyfriend (album)

Matthew – No blood coming out of your mouth! (thing that can happen)

Alexanderra – Water Pick/Giving your teeth a shower (activity)


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