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Apple Q3 2017 (fiscal Q4) Quarterly Report Summary:

Rev = $52.6 Billion (vs $46.9 Billion a year ago quarter and $45.4 Billion last quarter)

Total Cash = $268.9 Billion (Up $7.4 Billion for the quarter from $261.5 Billion)


Last Quarter Sales:

iPhones Sold = 46.7 Mil (vs 45.5 Mil a year ago quarter and 41 Mil last quarter)

iPads Sold = 10.3 Mil (vs 9.3 Mil as year ago quarter and 11.4 Mil last quarter)

Mac's Sold = 5.4 Mil (vs 4.9 Mil a year ago quarter and 4.3 Mil last quarter)


Misc Notes:

$11 Billion Returned to Investors

$15.7 Billion in Cash flow generated in the quarter

Cast Dividend of $0.63 per share on Nov 16th

iPhone 8 & 8+ most popular every week since launch

(kills rumor of iPhone 7 outselling iPhone 8 last month)

No Guidance at all when they will reach balance for iPhone X

8+ fastest start to date of any Plus model - which surprised Apple.



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