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Tanzania Safari Tips For Travellers Podcast #267

Tips For Travellers

Release Date: 07/23/2017

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More Episodes

In this episode of the podcast Gary Bembridge of TipsForTravellers.com, visits Tanzania and provides 11 tips for travellers on how to prepare and get the most from a safari. Whilst focusing on a Tanzania safari the tips and advice apply to going to South Africa, Zimabwe, Zambia and other African safaris.

Heading to Tanzania on safari is one of my favourite all-time travel experiences. I had been on safaris in South Africa and Zimbabwe but this was even more magical, enthralling and I saw more animals than I had imagined I would. It exceeded all expectations on so many levels when I travelled there I travelled with Titan Travel on a 9-night “Wild Plains of Tanzania” trip. In this podcast I share 11 tips and advice on how to prepare for and get the most of a safari to Tanzania based on my experience.

The episode covers the following tips:

  1. Best time to go.
  2. Choosing the right safari tour company.
  3. Visa.
  4. Malaria tablets and other innoculations.
  5. Travel insurance.
  6. Luggage requirements.
  7. Packing essentials.
  8. Currency and money.
  9. Photography.
  10. Staying connected.
  11. What to expect and be prepared.


After listening to the podcast: