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Venus Retrograde in Capricorn | Sagittarius – Solstice

Todays Vedic Astrology Podcast

Release Date: 12/19/2013

On Saturday December 21, 2013 Venus will go retrograde, from Capricorn to Sagittarius and back – until January 31, 2014.

Venus is the planet that shows how adults treat each other. The planet of negotiation, compromise and harmonizing our need to be respected and appreciated with another’s needs. When Venus goes retrograde that life lesson becomes internalized. For the next five weeks or so, starting on December 21, 2013, expect your romantic relationships and all interpersonal relations to be scrutinized and internalized.

Venus and Attendants

If you’re not in a romantic relationship, then you will feel the effect in other adult relationships.

Our capacity to get along with others is also very important in our career. Now is a good time to notice  how your people skills, or lack of people skills influences your career.

You may find a revisiting of romantic themes that occurred the last time Venus when retrograde, in May 2012  -  the time of the “Venus Lunation” –  when Venus crossed the sun.

Venus retrograde cycles carve out a 6/8 pattern in the sky, generally. Meaning, the last Venus retrograde transit went from Gemini to Taurus (sidereal zodiac). This Venus retrograde cycle goes from Capricorn to Sagittarius, in a 6/8 pattern to the previous one.

The 6/8 pattern is one of transformation, service and the willingness to do the hard work in order to develop those parts of ourselves that are steeped in insecurity.

This retrograde Venus will also be opposed by retrograde Jupiter. Jupiter and Venus are often at cross purposes relative to our desires in the moment and our long term meaning and direction. These may be big themes for the next couple of months.

Return of the Light Solstice Celebration

In addition to the Venus retrograde cycle, we have the winter solstice also occurring on Saturday, December 21, 20 13. The winter solstice marks the moment when the sun changes direction in the sky, and begins moving north. This is an apparent motion, obviously, as the sun does not move.

The phenomena occurs based on the tilt of the Earth’s axis. The winter solstice marks the most extreme point of the sun’s apparent motion to the south, right before it turns north.

To illustrate, in winter, the northern hemisphere is tilted away from the sun. On the first day of winter that tilt is most prominent, relative to the position of the sun. This causes the sun to cut a very low orbit across the sky, making it the shortest day of the year.

As the shortest day of the year, there is nowhere else to go but up (literally), and from there the day start to get longer.

Questions for you:

Are your personal desires at odds with your sense of meaning and purpose?

Do you expect others to value you more than you value yourself (or them)?

Do you trade authentic “Self-worth” for  the counterfeit version: “attention”?

How how can you ensure the “return of the light” in your life?