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Full Moon in Leo – Valentine’s Day

Todays Vedic Astrology Podcast

Release Date: 02/11/2014

On February 14th, we have the full moon in Leo. The Moon is full around 5 or 6 o’clock Pacific Time and this is going to be quite a full moon day. The Moon passes through the last portion of Cancer for most of the day. 

Valentine’s Day is that day of romance… or not, that day of emotional pressure on couples to have that “Valentine thing” happen. If you are in a relationship, it is a day to celebrate that. If you are not, it is a day to be sad and miserable – LOL.

The Moon becomes full in early Magha Nakshatra in very early Leo, but for most of the day, the Moon will be in Aslesha Nakshatra which is at the end of Cancer.

Aslesha is a very difficult Nakshatra. It literally means “the entwiner” and it is to get entangled up and entwined in things. We need to get entwined, tangled up in things that are virtuous, eternal and are what we call “Sattvic”, like the mother’s love for a child which is Sattvic and selfless. That is the true nature of the heart.

Our desires and other things that we pursue, like romance and things that we celebrate on Valentine’s Day, are not necessarily Sattvic and pure. It does not mean that they are impure but they are related to personal desire, happiness and compromise with other adults and things that have a self-motive.

The sign of Cancer is actually selfless. It is like the mother’s love for the child which is selfless and that does not have a self-motive.