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Vedic Astrology - Mars in Libra

Todays Vedic Astrology Podcast

Release Date: 02/18/2014

Since February 4th, Mars, the planet of intense individuality and sticking up for our personal strength, has been in Libra, the sign of compromise between adults, romantic interactions, wanting to feel mutually respected and appreciated, and wanting to appreciate others.

This sign of Libra has been holding Saturn and Rahu also since the beginning of 2013. This area of life, Libra, has been now occupied by the 3 difficult and stressful planets – Saturn, Mars and Rahu. You may have really noticed the difference in your relationships since early February. If you are in one that have had some stress, pressure and tension, which is not surprising since Saturn and Rahu has been in Libra, you will have notice since early February the stakes may have been raised even higher and there might be a break. This is because Mars has now also entered Libra. 

It is one of those time where it might be good to just get some healthy independence in any kind of relationship, whether it’s romantic or otherwise, even business relationships that feels challenging.

Libra is that sign that brings us together with the other in all senses and forms whether it’s a romantic or business partnership, or any kind of adult interactions where we need to honor our wishes equal to another person’s wishes and where we are willing to compromise what we want in order to please another person and this kind of back of back and forth.