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Vedic Astrology – Week of March 17 – Libra Scorpio Drama

Todays Vedic Astrology Podcast

Release Date: 03/18/2014

The moon is going through Libra and Scorpio from Wed-Sunday this week, and passing over the stellium of planets in Libra – Saturn and Mars (Retrograde) and Rahu. 

Libra is the sign where we learn to get along with each other, or not. It is where two adults with mutual desires try to navigate and harmonize a situation. It also shows an individual in relationship to the culture.

With Saturn, Mars and Rahu in Libra now, we are in it pretty deep. Especially since Saturn and Mars are retrograde, creating more introspection than usual, there’s a greater possibility of isolation and solitude. Hopefully this will be a catalyst for greater self-awareness, not self-pity or depression or other narcissistic tendencies that disguise themselves as “sensitivity”.

Scorpio shows the stress and worry that comes from these deep interactions with others. We realize ultimately there is no control of those situations and instead we must just surrender to the life force and the greater flow of love in our heart. However, this means opening ourselevs up to emotional wounds and deep inner work.

Wednesday and Thursday the moon is in Libra, joined Saturn, Mars and Rahu. Expect to feel a lot of intense emotions, especially with intimate others, on those days

Friday and Saturday (and into Sunday) the moon is in Scorpio, where it is debilitated and self protective. Try to sink into the emotional courage of that sign.