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Vedic Astrology – Vernal Equinox With Fruit Demonstration

Todays Vedic Astrology Podcast

Release Date: 03/21/2014

The vernal equinox is a very important event for us on earth as it shows the Sun changing hemispheres from our vantage point on earth.

All astrology traditions and cultures knew of both zodiacs and accounted for both to be used at different times. The thing to remember is that Astrology systems are just a set of techniques that develop at different times. What we now call modern western astrology developed using techniques that account for Season-based Zodiac. Indian astrology employs methods that are designed to work with Sidereal / stellar based Zodiac.

There is nothing inglorious about having both systems and nothing enlightened in and of itself in proclaiming ONE zodiac as progress (because unenlightened astrologers “debating” which Zodiac is right). That is like saying Chinese medicine and Indian medicine and western medicine should become one in order to “Evolve”. Not really. It is more important to know when and why each Zodiac should be honored and it is important for astrologers to stop trying to polarize the issue and proclaim one Zodiac is right and one is wrong.