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Vedic Astrology – Libra Eclipse – Harmony and Selfless love

Todays Vedic Astrology Podcast

Release Date: 04/10/2014

This week we have a powerful eclipse cycle beginning, helping us to resolve and / or step into a new level of growth with our relationship mistakes and burdens. Especially notice relationships that began / started / ended since November 2011 – Saturn ingress into Libra. You should have also seen them shift in January 2013 (Rahu entrance into Libra) and the issues accelerate since then.

Lunar Eclipse in Libra
The Moon is the feeling mind and how we harmonize our energy with the Solar force. On lunations (new and full Moon) those things are either in concord or discord. New Moons often show energy in accordance with motivation and feeling. Full Moon’s often show discord from the Sun’s position. In this case the full Moon/eclipse in Libra is in opposition to the Sun’s position in Aries – the place of individual will, courage and the fighting spirit.

We will be testing our capacity to harmonize individual needs and desires (Aries) with the needs of others, and especially intimate partners (Libra). There are many temptations to slide on our individual power in this axis. The appearance of Saturn (In Libra) shows we are facing the truth / consequences of how we treat others now. From being nasty to being dishonest, (even when justified in the name of being nice), the stakes are high now and we need to own the truth of what we have done with others.