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Vedic Astrology – Full Moon in Libra 2014

Todays Vedic Astrology Podcast

Release Date: 05/14/2014

On May 14, 2014 we will have the second full moon in Libra of 2014. The first was last month’s Lunar eclipse. 

Now a month later we have another full moon, at the very end of Libra, with the Sun at the very end of Aries. This full moon is also very close to Saturn and an aspect from Jupiter, whereas the last full Moon in Libra was very close to the North Node.

Joined Saturn – Emotional Realism

There may be some heavy realities to face at this time. The willingness to walk away from a connection (Aries) is necessary, otherwise an agreement has no teeth.

Aspect of Jupiter - Hope for the Future

The blessing of teachers is important now. There are many life lessons that can be learned.

Venus Exalted – Connect to authentic happiness

Our authentic needs and desires must be respected now and always. If we are in touch with them we can strike good agreements. Also we have a high capacity to connect to the authentic love that transcends situations and be happy for no reason.

Nakshatra of Vishaka

This Nakshatra is ruled by the Gods Indra and Agni. These Gods that bring fire and lightning. The fire purifies and the lightning inspires.


About 20 years ago I had an ex-girlfriend that I used to stay in touch with. You know that kind of “ex” where we would get together every few months, in between partners, and spend some time together. Well it seems that she was having a fight with her current boyfriend, and called me up and wanted to hang out for a while. At the time, I was not dating anyone, so I was totally up for it.

So I drive to her neighborhood, in Glen Burnie Maryland, and we meet at a bar and have a few drinks. Well of course, after about an hour of that, we went back to her place. So, her and I are in her upstairs apartment, being affectionate, when all of a sudden a big pickup truck pulls up out front. It was her current boyfriend. And he was very big and very jealous. So, both of us started freaking out. There was only one way out of the house, one door, so what were we going to do?

As her and I scrambled to “be presentable”, we hear a knock at the door. And we decide the only thing for me to do is to climb out on her 3rd floor balcony. So that’s what I did. But it was very tricky, because at first he was neither in or out of her front door, as they stood there arguing. The balcony was such that if he had looked up he would have seen me, because the door to her apartment faced the balcony. So I had no place to hide, plus we were drunk and he knew she had been out partying. it was all I could do to not crack up laughing. Her balcony was actually more like a ledge.

Eventually they settled in her apartment, sitting on the couch watching TV. However, now I had the difficult business of climbing over the ledge and jumping down three stories without making a lot of noise or breaking my neck. The matter was complicated by the fact that there was a very large spotlight that shown in her window from the ledge, and I could see myself casting a shadow on there curtains.

Well there was only one thing to do, climb on top of the rail slither down and hang over the edge, then drop to the ground and run for it, across her one acre lawn. I hoped by this time she had led him out of the living room, which was facing the balcony.

So I climbed over the rail, making a lot more noise than I had thought, because there was a gutter attached to the edge, which I stepped and damn near broke off. So instead I would just have to make a leap for it. So I did. I made a drunken 15-20 foot leap. Luckily I did not break a leg or ankle, and I made a run for it.

I’m not sure why it reminded me of this full moon, except for the potential danger (Saturn conjunction) the enormous luck (Jupiter aspect), all driven by my desire for pleasure (exalted Venus).

This just goes to show, you have to be careful what you wish for.