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Vedic Astrology – Week of May 26 – Venus in Aries – Santa Barbara Killing – and More

Todays Vedic Astrology Podcast

Release Date: 05/27/2014

Last week, I talked about Mars going direct and Venus leaving Pisces where it has been exalted and go into Aries and joined Ketu. 

We saw a very unfortunate manifestation of this on Friday night with these killings in Santa Barbara. This event occurred as Venus was moving to Aries, literally as the transit was happening. The first shootings happened around 9:27 PM which has Venus just entering Aries. It is what is called the Sandhi points (in between 2 signs).

Earlier in the day, this guy had killed his roommates and went on shooting rampage. This is so much indicated by this event. For instance, there is a YouTube video of him wanting to kill these girls who never gave him the time of day. He hated all the guys who got to date the girls and said he was going to make them pay.

It was driven by a person’s longing for love, at least what he is saying. This is a perverted story which is about frustrated desire. He kept talking about desires, that he should be satisfying his desires but he was instead all alone while other people get to satisfy their desires.

This is what I talked about last week. Desires and Venus had been powerful and where we were satisfying our desires. Venus had gone through Capricorn and then Aquarius and Pisces. This is the most dignified place for Venus in the zodiac.