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Vedic Astrology Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

Todays Vedic Astrology Podcast

Release Date: 06/06/2014

Mercury will be retrograde in Gemini from June 8-July 2 

When Mercury goes retrograde it gives us time to reflect on what we say, what others say and the story we are weaving around those words and communications.

Communication is not just verbal AND it is a 2 Way thing.

I am sure you know people who do not listen well. You know this because you can see them, as you explain something meaningful that is opposed to their current view, they are not listening. Instead they are thinking of what they are going to say next – something that will buttress their position. They are not flexible, curious or open to what you have to say, because it might change their mind – and they might “lose”.

This is one problem of Mercury and we all do it at times. We are convinced that what we know is right. In fact this is always the case. right now, you think you are right, about almost everything. Of course, you would not say it that way, but as soon as someone challenges a held belief of yours (Jupiter) you are ready to defend it (Mars) and shoot holes in their story (Mercury).

“The Truth is in the Details” – A Story

I am spending time with My Guru Ammachi now, and one boon of being in the presence of a master, is how wonderfully they illustrate spiritual principles with stories. Here is one that captures the essence of Mercury.

Once there were three Yogis sitting by a nearby Lake. Two yogis were older and more experienced, but a third was younger and unsure of himself. The first older Yogi realized he forgot his meditation cushion. So he got up and walked across the lake to the Ashram across the shore, then walked backed, again upon the water, then sat back down and meditated. The second older Yogi realized that he forgot his mala beads, then did the same thing – walked on the water to the Ashram, then back, then sat down and resumed his meditation.

The third, younger yogi, then said “I am not going to just sit here watching you two show off. If you can walk on the water, so can I!

So, he jumped up and walked toward the lake, them promptly sank into the water, as the 2 older yogis watched. Undeterred, he then got a running start into the lake, but again promptly sank in the waves. After several more tries like this the first older yogi turned to the second one and said “Do you think we should tell him where the stones are?”

We are very much like the younger yogi in the story. We are making judgments about things without having all of the information, deluded by the senses – irritated and in competition over our beliefs about things – and maybe even SINKING FAST!

Mercury gives us the curiosity to know more and gather more information, to find the stones buried in the water – so we too can walk on the water.