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Ep. 20: A Round Table w/ Michael Brinson

True Strength Podcast with Jack and Stew

Release Date: 06/14/2018

In this episode we went with a different approach. We did a round table discussion with Michael Brinson on training as a competitive lifter while coaching. Stew, Brinson, and Jack talk about the modifications to training, programming, diet, and sleep habits that come along with trying to compete while coaching/ working in a physically stressful environment. This is a great episode for all of you out there who want to compete/ train hard but cant seem to find the time/ right way to do it. We also do a meet re-cap from both Michael's and Jack's last meets.

If you have any questions feel free to reach to us on Instagram at: @sjyoung29 @coachbrinson_ @jack_wilson85 or email us at truestrengthpodcast@gmail.com