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Former Hospital CEO Daniel Perryman - The Low Carb Leader

The Knowbodies Podcast

Release Date: 08/23/2017

In this week's episode we had the tremendous pleasure of talking with Daniel Perryman, the founder of thelowcarbleader.com and former hospital CEO. In this episode we talk about the business side of healthcare, what it's like to run a hospital, why prevention is the future of healthcare (from a business perspective), and Daniel's journey from the Navy to Hospital CEO to know hosting his own podcast, The Low Carb Leader.

Here are the Show Notes:

-5:28 Dan’s Background growing in Iowa and his time in the Navy

-08:57 Dan’s journey into getting into healthcare (from no experience in medicine in the Navy to a conversation with his brother that led him into healthcare management)

-11:25 The coursework Dan went through in his Master’s of Health Administration program

-14:00 Dan’s first experience jumping into healthcare management and his initial impressions of the business side of healthcare

-17:20 Why are hospitals losing money?

-19:55 How can hospitals get out of the financial pain they are in and why the current system wants things to stay the same

-23:15 How have things changed in terms of business in healthcare over the past 5-10 years?

-27:04 Who is benefiting from the current system and who is suffering?

-29:01 Dan’s transition out of healthcare and how his life has changed since leaving the corporate world

-31:24 Dan tells his journey to starting The Low Carb Leader Podcast and what the brand is all about

-34:28 Dan’s journey into preventative health and how he and his son first got into nutrition

-37:27 What does The Low Carb Leader Podcast cover and what can people expect to learn from the show?

-40:26 How does Dan respond when people ask him about getting into the preventative health world after transitioning from corporate healthcare?

-45:05 Dan’s take on how we can affect behavior change at an individual level 

-49:37 Dan’s advice for healthcare workers from an executive’s point of view

-53:00 Where you can learn more about Dan and how to keep up with him!