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140 | Shit I'm Looking Forward To In 2022

The Uncurated Life Podcast

Release Date: 12/13/2021


The Uncurated Life Podcast

It's the end of June so I thought I'd reflect back on this year so far... BEFORE I actually do all my goal assessing and shit for my channel. I'm also making an announcement so stick around to the end!     • DISCLAIMER Colorful words may be used. don't be alarmed.     • NEWSLETTER     • Etsy Shop is open!       • FIND ME ON ALL THE THINGS Patreon - YouTube - Instagram - Discord - Pinterest - Website -     • STUFF I MENTIONED       Inquiries -


The Uncurated Life Podcast

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The Uncurated Life Podcast

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The Uncurated Life Podcast

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It’s been another long, tiring year for me with lots of changes and challenges. In order to really pump myself up, I decided to take some time to really think about what I’m looking forward to in the next year.


Colorful words may be used. don't be alarmed.



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Well, hello friends, welcome back to the uncurated life podcast. I thought that as we are cruising into December of 2022, that it would be a good time to really think about some things I'm looking forward to in the new year. I already did an episode like this a few months ago, and there may be some repeat things, partly because some of them haven't happened yet.


Well, mostly because some of them haven't happened yet, but I will link it in the comments. If you haven't heard. Yet. So this is going to be fairly lighthearted, but I do want to just kind of think about some of the things I'm looking forward to in the next year. Some where I have some high expectations and somewhere I have some low expectations, mostly because I think that it helps keep me feeling.


At least somewhat hopeful, even when I am in the middle of some pretty intense stuff, family and personal wise right now. So it's, this is an exercise for me to kind of keep my head, right. I'm not into the whole manifesting shit. I'm not into all of that. But what I do really like to think about is. Just reminding myself that there is stuff that I can be hopeful about, even when a lot of other shit in my life feels pretty rough at the moment.


Before I jump into these things, though, my name is Cindy Guentert Baldo. If this is your first time here, I'm glad you're here. And if this is not your first time here, thanks for coming back. And I did. To remind you that if you are not following me on Instagram at Lama letters or over on my YouTube channel and all these things are linked below, I have started my Vlogmas giveaways, where I am trying to get a shit ton of planners.


I've been reviewing out of my house and I will be rotating between Instagram and the YouTube community tab, running these on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays for a 24 hours. Each it's open internationally. All of those good things. The schedule will also be linked. So if that's something that you're into, if you want a free planner go and check them out, let's get into the things that I am looking forward to in 2022.


And first of all, because this is me, we're talking about, we have to talk about media and I guess one of the things I want to say before I jumped into it, cause I'm pretty sure I've mentioned at least one of these things in the previous episode, but one of the things, or two of the things I think. Maybe three of the things I mentioned in the last things I'm looking forward to, I have seen already, and I was extremely happy with all of them.


If you're interested in like actual reviews of things, let me know, tell me on Instagram, tag me in your stories, because I don't know if that's something you want from me, but at the very least I'll give you a high level. Look at those three. And that was Halloween kills, which I know some people. Like it was polarizing.


I enjoyed it. I felt like it was a solid entry. I I'm a big fan of the Halloween series. I enjoyed the Easter eggs and I enjoyed the brutality of it because apparently that's what I like in horror movies. I liked it. I can see the complaints people have with. Dune was outstanding. And I am so glad that they were able to Greenlight the second one, because that would have sucked so many balls socks, if they did not Greenlight that.


And currently we are in the middle of the wheel of time series. And again, for some book fans, it's a little polarizing because they've had to make changes, but I am of the opinion that it's an adaptation. They have to change things to make it translate for the show. And every episode for me is consecutively getting better and better.


And the casting is outstanding and the show is beautiful and I am loving it and I am just excited to keep watching it. And the thing I love the most is that my kids are super into it with me. It's something I have loved since I was their age. And so being able to watch it with them is amazing. And even Jesse is on board for it.


Good times, but those were the things that I was looking forward to media wise, the things I am looking forward to next year. And I think I've said, I've already mentioned some of them TV shows, uh, discovery of witches, which is coming out in January. It's the final season. They've done three seasons to adapt the three books.


And I have really enjoyed it. Several of you were the ones who got me into the books this last year to begin with. And then I went and I bought the shows on Amazon because I don't have the cable where I could stream it. I'm ready to watch the new season. I'm still here for it. You guys, so here for it, Matthew Good is a hot hot man.


And I just really enjoy the way they've been adapting it. And I'm excited to see how they bring it to a close. The other thing I'm looking forward to is how some of the dragon. Now I know some people are like you, but the last season of game of Thrones, well, Aside from the fact that, um, unlike game of Thrones, how so the dragon story is done, you can pick it up yourself.


It's the first volume of fire and blood. And I honestly would rather he finish the second volume of fire and blood that finished the series at this point, if he was only going to finish one thing, cause I loved it as somebody who likes reading history, like I'm nerd like that house of the dragon, which is basically a history book of the reign of the target.


Good times. And I am looking forward to the show. I think the casting so far has been outstanding. They're going to be having like 17 different dragons in the show. They all have different personalities. I'm looking forward to it and I've heard rumor, nothing confirmed that it will probably come out sometime in like April to June of 2022.


And I'm here for it. Not going to lie. Movie wise, uh, some of these, it should be no surprise to you. For example, Halloween ends the final of this trilogy that they're doing with Jamie Lee, Curtis and Daniel Gordon green, and all them looking forward to that, uh, screamed five is supposed to be coming out in January.


Okay. I remember hearing that like the original three from the first group of movies, you know, Courtney Cox and, uh, David Arquette and nev Campbell, weren't going to come back because west Craven has gone without there being a really good reason. And apparently the people who are making it are like huge fans of the original movies.


They really want to honor west Craven by making it there's a great cast, including what's his face from the boys. Uh, the one who plays huge. He's supposed to be in it. There's it just, I have enjoyed all of the screen movies to varying degrees. I was again, 16 when the first one came out. So it's very much in my wheelhouse of like self reverence, referential, horror film.


So I'm down to see it in the theater. Probably not, not with the new variant, but I will stream it wherever streaming is available. Assuming I have it. Uh, then there is on the horror movie list also. Which is Jordan peals. New movie has Daniel Kalua in it. And Steven Yuen from the walking dead. And, oh, I don't remember who else, but it has a great cast already.


There isn't a lot out there about it yet, but I thought that both us and, um, get out were outstanding, outstanding horror films. And I am I'm, I'm perfectly willing and ready and able, and my body is ready to watch any horror movie. Jordan Peele decides to be. And then on a non horror note, the SQL to enchanted is supposed to be coming out this next year disenchanted and it has the cast back and I loved and chanted.


It was the first movie cat saw in the theater. And I, I loved that. They were able to send up the princess movie tropes. While still being a good PR like, like scream, scream was excellent at both lampooning horror films while also being a really good horror film in chanted did a great job at lampooning Disney princess movies will also be in a really good Disney princess movie.


So. I would love to see that. And then, uh, the new Batman movie with team Edward, Robert Pattinson in it, I am very interested in it. I love Batman movies. I really enjoy them on all sorts of levels. Even George Clooney, nipple suit, even Ben Affleck actually thought Ben Affleck was not terrible. I thought he was very good, like older dark Knight returns, kind of comic book.


If you've read the dark Knight returns comic series. Frank Miller. I think he embodied that older world, weary Batman, and I'm excited to see Robert Pattinson's Batman, which is supposed to be sort of in between the origins of Batman, like Batman begins. And then the later Batman of like the dark Knight rises, it's supposed to be like Batman in his first year of Batman and where he still hasn't quite figured it out yet.


I think it's interesting. I would love to see it and yeah. Um, I'm team Edward for Batman. That's all I'm going to say about that. And I'm not actually a big fan of the Twilight series. I just like saying that I probably shouldn't have even had to tell you that anyway, now that we've talked sort of about some of the media, I'm looking forward to.


I said in my last thing, I'm looking forward to that. I'm looking forward for snow. I'm still looking forward to it. It hasn't really snowed here yet. It's actually 70 degrees today. It did have the, we did have a couple of flurries right around Thanksgiving at night, and that was exciting, but not enough to stick.


So I am still really looking forward to snowy season. I know you all are going to be saying like, yeah, you won't look forward to when you have to drive. Uh, it hasn't happened yet. So give me my illusions, delusions, whatever you want to call it for at least a little while longer. Another thing I'm looking forward to in 2022 is exploring more of the Denver slash Colorado area.


We haven't really had the opportunity to do much of that in large part, because since we've gotten here both Jesse and I have been really swamped with work. And then on top of that, there have been health issues for various members of our family, including myself that have needed to be addressed. So the most exploring I've done is shopping and.


Doctor's offices. So being able to explore more of it, we really want to go to red rocks amphitheater, whether it's, I don't know if we want to go see music yet, because again, the variants that are coming out, that that's not, it's not something I want to bring into my life, but I've heard the sunrise.


There is gorgeous. There's a lot of things we'd like to do. We just haven't had the chance yet. And I would really like to prioritize that in the next year, which will be something that will likely happen when I start setting goals for the new. On top of that, I would really like to see how Lucy and Layla's relationship is developing.


I've mentioned it, I think a couple of times in the podcast, but maybe I have, maybe I have it. I don't remember. We adopted a puppy, Layla. She is a black lab mix. We think she's mixed with a little bit of pit bull. We got her from the Colorado retriever rescue. So she's a rescue puppy and we have let her and our cat Lucy really.


Take their time getting to know each other with an emphasis on Lucy, driving how much they are actually experiencing each other, because Layla is totally good with cats because the foster home, she was in. Had a ton of dogs and one cat and the cat was the alpha. And she quickly learned that the cat is the boss.


She really wants to be Lucy's friend when he's not in the mood to play with her, she will whine, but she won't bother him. And just last night, I got to watch them playing with each. They were chasing each other up and down the stairs. It was really cute. So I'm excited to see how their relationship develops both because it, it it's good for both of them.


I think Lou has been a little lonely since Loki died, so it's, it's just something I'm excited to watch because it's been really cute so far. Another thing I'm looking forward to art-wise is trying larger scale art projects. This is actually something that has been on my mind for a while. And I am now at the point where I would really like to start exploring that that may be something that I hope to either get some for some Christmas money or I don't know what, but maybe an easel, maybe try doing some acrylics.


I don't know if I want to watercolor on a larger scale, but I'm really interested in doing a quick acrylics on a larger scale. That's just something I'm super interested in and it's not something I would necessarily be doing for like my art prints or anything like that. At the moment, it would be for me in my own enrichment and, and practicing of new skills, which is very important.


If you are any sort of creative, it is always important to be forever learning because there is always something more to learn and you, that anything you learn in different arenas can often be applied to different areas of your creative practice. It's important to me to try some new things. The idea now that especially that I have room where I could leave an easel set up on the regular, I really would like to get started on trying some larger format pieces of art.


That's that's high on my list. Now I will say that while this is not meant to be like what I'm looking forward to work-wise for the next year. I, there is at least a little bit of work coming into this and that. Trying out different things, lines of products. So for my product based side of my business of my work, like I do all sorts of different work.


I make content, I freelance, I have a community on Patrion and I also have an Etsy shop that I sell. Prince of my original artwork. And one thing I did this holiday season was introduced some new products. I sold some vinyl sticker decals. I sold some bookmarks and I sold some calendars and that was really fun.


And so not only am I interested in experimenting with different kinds of art for my own enrichment, I'm also interested in releasing just some different things, whether it is a full. Well fuller, I don't know how you would say it, but like a line of bookmarks with more of my fuckery flowers on them, as I've gotten requests that people can collect them to maybe putting some of my pattern work and other things that I've been doing as well, kind of to, again, continue to hone my skills maybe on fabric or a wallpaper, or on like going through like a print on demand site, like Spoonflower or.


Society six or whatever to sell, like mugs or pillows or whatever. I don't know. I'm just, I'm curious about like testing things because it's, it's fun to see my stuff. And I've always had a lot of fun when Kristin has sent me from Christiana designs, like a mug or whatever, like things outside of stickers that she's put my art on.


The art I do for her is one style of art and the art I'm working on for my. Different. And so it just, it's something that I'm interested in maybe experimenting with. I think I've come to the conclusion. I won't release new fuckery flowers except for the holidays. So like once a year, because they do take quite a bit of time to actually paint.


It's a series of 12 and each painting is hours of work, but I don't know. It's just something I'm looking forward to next year is maybe trying some experimentation with that. That's on my list. Again, of things I'm looking for. Now house wise, a lot of, you know, we moved to Denver this past year and I actually will be doing a podcast kind of thinking about the last year and everything else, as well as the videos that'll be coming out on my YouTube channel.


Rob, talk a little bit more about the move and everything else, but one of the things I'm looking forward to this next year is really settling. Like we already have settled in. And one of the things our family commented on when they were here this last month was how it already feels lived in here. But there's a lot of things below the surface that really could use some love.


Like I thought I would get more organizing done in the closets and I just have not had the time and I have so many. That just, I could do an entire YouTube series just on organizing all of the closets in this house and have a good amount of content. I would like to really get shit organized in the closets.


I would really like to get some art on the walls, which is something I'm already working on right now for the main level of the house. But like, Getting some of the smaller details taken care of in this next year, while we're both exploring and really trying to live into this house because we love this house.


That's something that I really am looking forward to. It's like a nesting kind of instinct that I am feeling pretty hard right now. Hard. Also speaking of the house, taking on some home projects. Now I am not talking about large home projects. One of the things I did appreciate when we bought this house is that it's not a project house.


The previous owners put a lot of work into it, which we really appreciate. And one of my requirements, when it came to buying the new house here was. Not getting a project house because our house in Napa was a project house. It was a hoarder house. We had to put a new kitchen into it, new bathroom into it.


And we did most of that work ourselves. It was a lot of work and a pain in the ass, but there are little things that have been on my list since we bought the place. And there are things I'd like to like put some time into, especially as another big focus for me this next year is going to be setting boundaries around my work and personal time so that I have space and time to do some of these personal projects instead of always.


Into work. One that comes to mind specifically is the cabinets in my laundry room. They are still the original cabinets from the house and the cabinets are in great shape, but the doors I would like to update them either put new doors or maybe paint them. I'm not sure, but I would like to update the laundry room cabinets and there's several of them.


And I know that would be probably a project in and of itself. That's something I'm actually looking forward to doing. Cause I think I could, it's a small enough scale where I don't need to get like a contractor to do it and I could probably figure most of it out on my own, but it's large enough where the impact for me, especially since I spent so much time in there, it would, it would be.


Another thing I'm really looking forward to is, um, like I said, the closet organization, uh, RJ really would like his room painted. And while we might do that professionally, I like to get that done for him. Cat has actually discovered they love the murals in their rooms, so they're going to stick with those.


But RJ would like to have his room painted and I am, I want to get that done for him. And on that same note, another thing I'm looking forward to is discovering and rediscovering hobbies. This again, goes back to really making sure I have time for myself, but there are things I'd really like to do for one, I have really started enjoying the small plants that I've been taking care of and for the most part I've kept them alive.


So I would kind of like to try some larger ones in the next year. I'd also like to do some gardening. I don't know how much gardening, because bending over is really hard for me. But gardening is one of those things that I've always wanted to do. I've aspired to be a gardener and I have never, ever put the time into it.


So who knows, but that is something I'd like to maybe try. Something that I have already been doing. And I'm looking forward to doing a lot more of is a stir frying and using a walk for cooking. I have actually made some new recipes that my family adores and we tested them on our various family members when they were here over the last month.


And they loved them. So getting better with walk cooking is a hobby. Like I love to cook cooking in general as a hobby for me, getting back into baking would be great, especially with the altitude change, but walk, cooking specifically, like. Be real honest. The thing I would love to figure out is that thing where you take, you can't see what I'm doing, but like, imagine I'm like doing like a winking off kind of hand gesture, but like where you shake the walk and like flip the stuff in the walk, I've always been too scared to try that with eggs or with pancakes or at the walk.


That's something that maybe by the end of 20, 22, I will have tried and been successful. That's a hope, but hobbies, hobbies in general, this also can go back to the larger scale art painting as well. You can tell a lot of these things are really they're, they're mixed in with each other, and you're probably going to hear a lot more of these when I actually set my goals for next year, because I think a lot of them are going to sort of surface there.


I would really like to. Rediscover a church community. So that was something that I had on my list for this year and with COVID and everything else that really was not feasible. I miss my Napa people a lot and I would love to reconnect with a new church community. They have started doing hybrid in person and at home services.


And I'd like to go in and just meet some people and introduce myself. The biggest thing that's kind of keeping me back is the, uh, the new variants. It's just it's stressful, but that is something that hopefully depending on how the world looks in the next year is something I would like to do in the next year.


And if all goes well by the fall, I would love to be at a point with a new church community where I am considering rejoining a choir with the church. The one that we are looking at has a lot of a very robust music program. Hi on my list and singing in choir at my church was one of my favorite things to do singing in my quartet.


My quintet, one of my favorite things to do the choir signups happened a few weeks ago and I very much considered doing it. Cause that's how I got into my previous church was by joining the choir very early on. I just don't have the time at the moment. I, my time is very splintered and I have not gotten to a place where I feel confident that I can make that time for myself.


So I don't want it to be something that feels like a burden to me, but it is high on my list of things to prioritize in the next year. Assuming I'm able to start meeting people at the church and assuming that's the church we want to stick with and that joining the choir is something that I still want to do once those sign-ups start.


So I talked about a bunch of things I really am looking forward to in this next year and at the heart of all of them and probably at the heart of my goal setting for this next year, which I haven't done yet, but I've been thinking a lot about it is really developing a good mix of work and personal life setting boundaries.


Trying to find some sort of harmony, all of those things. It's, it's high on my list. You're going to hear this over and over again from me, both in podcasts and on my YouTube videos and probably on my Instagram, because it is something that I am struggling so much with right now. And I really want to get some of my personal life back.


When your life is work and I love my work, please don't mistake me. I do. I'm doing stuff I love, but it's still work. Which means that a, there are times I don't love it. And B sometimes the things that used to bring me relaxation are not part of my work. So by their nature, they don't relax me anymore. On top of that, I also am so like, feeling so awful by being in kidney failure.


And having kids who are dealing with health problems themselves, that my life feels like just an endless hamster wheel of work and feeling like shit. And I want to find some room in my life for things that make me happy that fulfill me, that relax me, or just keep me in touch with the rest of my life outside of those aspects.


Even if it's not relaxing to redo cabinets or even if grocery shopping or whatever doesn't necessarily relax me. I'm starting to feel out of touch with parts of my life. And so one thing I am looking forward to in this next year is re redistributing the way my life looks reconnecting with parts of it and making sure that other parts that are getting that are kind of commanding more of my attention are, are given a much more reasonable level of attention.


So that I can take some of that and read distributed elsewhere. If that makes any sense, that's more than anything. What I'm looking forward to in this next year is making that a priority and seeing the ripple effects that it has and the other aspects of my life. And now that I've said all that, I really want to pick up my goal planner for next year and start setting my goals.


But I haven't decided which planner that is yet. So anyway, I'd love to find out from you something you are looking forward to. In the next year. So if you are on Instagram post, like a picture of this, whatever in your stories mentioned something you're looking forward to next year and tag me so I can see it.


It would make me really happy. Share this if you want to. I don't know. Just, I love talking to you. I don't care if this podcast gets big, I'm just happy to make it. That's all the only goal I really have for it is, is connecting. So let's connect as always. This podcast is sponsored by my patrons. They make everything I do possible, and I appreciate the ever-loving shit out of them.


If you are curious to know what it is like to be a patron, check out my Patrion at www.patreon.com/cindyguentertbaldo to find out more. Thank you so much for listening. I hope you have a fantastic rest of your week and until next time my dudes peace out.