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Virginia is going to be interesting to watch in 2020 as the gun debate will heat up there at the start of the year.

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Release Date: 12/30/2019

Transgender Athletes show art Transgender Athletes

Use Your Words

Before the Corona virus, one of the big things on the nightly news was the lawsuits regarding transgendered athletes coming out of the high schools and the various states implementing rules for high school athletes.  What does the NCAA and International Olympic Committee say about transgendered participants in their various associations?  What about some younger people what do they say regarding this?  What are the arguments for and against this?  What is the biological differences that should be taken into consideration?

Imagine If Celebrities Were Relevant show art Imagine If Celebrities Were Relevant

Use Your Words

Celebrities are attempting to keep relevant in this day of social distancing.  They are singing bad cover songs, and interviewing each other to try to show that they care.  The optics are bad - but there is some good that can come out from it.

How do you mourn an imperfect person? show art How do you mourn an imperfect person?

Use Your Words

On January 26th, 2020 it was revealed that Kobe Bryant and his daughter were on a helicopter which crashed, killing all aboard.  Being one of the most well known basketball players, Kobe was mourned worldwide after his death - so much so that it seemed at times that the others who perished in the crash were forgotten about by anyone else but their friends and family.  His death, however, brought to light an interesting question in modern culture - especially as everything is always moving so quickly - how do we properly mourn a person who may have something in their past which is not...

Fallout was wrong - Toilet Paper Is The New Currency show art Fallout was wrong - Toilet Paper Is The New Currency

Use Your Words

The panic over Covid-19 continues around the world.  It has gone from somewhat comical to see the toilet paper isle empty to starting to get downright scary that the rest of the store is now starting to follow suit.  Now instead of just toilet paper being out everywhere, milk, cereal, water, soda, cold and flu medicine, pain killers, soup, boxed meals are all becoming more and more scarce.   This is putting people on fixed incomes, the elderly, and those who have not had a chance to get to the store in danger as they may not be able to get the essential supplies they need...

Can You Give Up God For Lent? show art Can You Give Up God For Lent?

Use Your Words

One of Paul's favorite bands is The Classic Crime.  One of their songs - Shades of Green - has the following lyrics Gave up God for lent this year Stopped going to the church Learned to fight within myself The war beyond the words Found a way to reconcile Forget my fears and learn The inner price of peace From endless posturing and work After listening to this song Paul posed the following question to the guys - can you give up God for Lent and get closer to him?  What is Lent used for? Why is Lent important? Can we use the concept provided here to grow? What about deconstructing our...

Prepared not scared: How scary is 2019-nCoV really? show art Prepared not scared: How scary is 2019-nCoV really?

Use Your Words

How scared should we be regarding 2019-nCoV? While data wise it seems worse then the annual flu, is it so deadly that we need to be in panic mode?  Let's look at some facts about it and then decide

Melanin over merit? show art Melanin over merit?

Use Your Words

Anytime you try to have a conversation about race in America, one of two things instantly happen. Either people shut down afraid to say the wrong thing and being labeled a racist, or they go off on tangents not related to the topic at hand attempting to skirt around the uncomfortable topic at hand. On this week's episode of Use Your Words, we are attempting to talk about affirmative action in America. This can be an uncomfortable topic at times, but when you look at it objectively we can see that we are trading one form of racism for another in an attempt to be politically correct and rectify...

Why Is Truth Important In 2020 show art Why Is Truth Important In 2020

Use Your Words

For the past several years, the concept of "do what feels right" and "live your truth" have become mainstream ideas.  These concepts at their very core are part of the post modernism movement which started in earnest in the 1980s and became all the more popular in the late 1990's/early 2000's.  What does this look like in the year 2020 now?  Why is it important for truth to be the truth and not a truth?

Alabama Proposed bill for forced Vasectomy for all men over 50, or with 3 children. show art Alabama Proposed bill for forced Vasectomy for all men over 50, or with 3 children.

Use Your Words

Rolanda Hollis proposed a bill in Alabama to force all men over 50 or with 3 or more children to "neutralize the abortion ban bill". What does this mean? How should we process this? What does it really mean, should it be something to be concerned about, and are these two laws similar? Check out the transcript of this video at our new website: At our new site, all news articles used for this opinion are provided as well. Please check it out and like, share, subscribe!

Can you be too transparent with other people?  What about in business? show art Can you be too transparent with other people? What about in business?

Use Your Words

This week Aaron had the question of if you can be too transparent with other people - and what would the world look like if people were transparent all the time about what is going on.  We start off looking about how transparency can be used for selfish reasons (deflection, manipulation, etc) but can be very beneficial as well.   During the conversation we learn a few things about Josh - and at the end find out that he hasn't been truthful with us for most of the episode....

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2020 is going to be an interesting year - we got elections going on in November, the Senate impeachment trial early in the year (if Pelosi ever hands over the articles of impeachment to the senate - but that is not for here right now), and Virginia becoming an interesting place to watch as 2020 starts up. If you have not been following along with what has been going out there - the quick and dirty of it is that Ralph Northam (the governor of Virginia) has been pushing for new gun control legislation - and with the flipping of the statehouse and senate from republican to democrat, he reintroduced this legislation - knowing that more than likely everything he wanted would get passed. Well, it passed and has created a lot of repercussions in the state. As of December 19th, there are 94 cities/counties that have passed local resolutions declaring themselves 2nd amendment sanctuaries. Those on the extreme side will say "these locations are not going to uphold the law" - but in honestly they are just being hyperbolic. These locations will need to uphold the law - for the most part, these resolutions are nothing more than political statements. This is according to Richard Schragger, a professor at the University of Virginia School of law. He was interviewed in an article for USA Today regarding what is going on in Virginia. He further commented: "In Virginia, state law supersedes local law. Citizens and local officials have to comply with state law even if a county declares itself to be a Second Amendment sanctuary," - in other words in Virginia local law is overridden by state law and because of that if all of these laws are signed into law then these laws technically would need to be followed. But what is fact and what is fiction about what is in these laws?

One of the biggest reasons that the second amendment sanctuary cities have been popping up is due to the language in one of the laws introduced into the legislation regarding gun ownership. The law as written goes after people who currently own weapons - not just the purchase, transfer, sale of firearms.

Now let me state this upfront:

As of today (December 28th, 2019) these facts are what they are. Things may change quickly - and soon - but as of now this is how things stand. All data is linked in the notes - including the text of the law that is being proposed.

So what does the law actually say? Well if we take a look at it, it currently states:

It s unlawful for any person to import, sell, transfer, manufacture, purchase, possess, or transport an assault firearm. A violation of this section is punishable as a  ****Class 6 felony.

This information can be found on lines 433 - 437 of the bill. What I find interesting is that on line 433 they remove the word posses but then reintroduce the same word on line 436 - not sure why they did it that way but regardless the bill as it currently stands states that possession of an assault weapon is prohibited in Virginia.

We keep hearing about how bad assault weapons are but what exactly is an assault weapon? Well, that definition really depends on who you ask. If you ask the army - there are assault rifles not assault weapons - and for a rifle to be considered an assault rifle it meets all of the following conditions: It has selective fire, It must have an intermediate-power cartridge: more power than a pistol but less than a standard rifle or battle rifle, Its ammunition must be supplied from a detachable box magazine, and It must have an effective range of at least 300 meters (330 yards). An assault weapon, on the other hand, is essentially only a politically created terminology to try to simplify the categorization of guns in-laws. In the case of Virginia - how they describe an assault weapon is interesting, to say the least. Here are some of the highlights of what this Virginia law considers an assault weapon - and all of this information can be found in the Virginia law starting on line 398:

A semi-automatic center-fire rifle that shoots single or multiple projectiles with a fixed magazine capacity in excess of 10 rounds

A semi-automatic center-fire rifle that shoots single or multiple projectiles that can accept a detachable magazine(of any size) and has any of the following: folding/telescoping stock, a pistol grip, a thumbhole stock, a second handgrip, a bayonet mount, a grenade launcher, a flare launcher, a silencer, a flash suppressor, a muzzle brake, a muzzle compensator, a threaded barrel that can accept a silencer, flash suppressor, a muzzle brake, or muzzle compensator

A semi-automatic pistol that can fire single or multiple projectiles with a fixed magazine capacity in excess of 10 rounds

A semi-automatic pistol that can fire single or multiple projectiles that can accept a detachable magazine and has any of the following things from the semi-automatic centerfire rifle.

Shotgun with a revolving cylinder

A semi-automatic shotgun that shoots single of multiple projectiles and has any of the following characteristics: accepts a detachable magazine, a fixed magazine in excess of 7 rounds, has a pistol grip, a folding or telescoping stock, a thumbhole stock,

Again - this is what is in the law as of 12/28/2019 - and various people have been upset in Virginia because of these new proposed restrictions. But there is a whole other side to this as well - the economic impact of local communities. Andrew Gilliam, a gun store owner, gave an interview to a local news station and stated:

"That's what's going to get people a little bit upset because, in that bill, it says possession of these firearms and that could turn a lot of Virginians into felons overnight," he then continued "Without fully understanding what an assault firearm is, this takes away 80% of my retail," Gilliam said. "The other 20% of my retail can be bought on Amazon." "You start losing mom and pop stores and people won’t have anywhere they can go do background checks and transfers," Gilliam said. "They won't be able to transfer any weapons. It's gonna create some serious problems there. There's kind of a big ripple effect with some of these bills."

Now I will say this - some of the representatives who support this legislation are stating hyperbole to sell their support on the bill. For example Ken Plum gave the following statement to a news station: "Citizens possessing what is essentially a machine gun -- you can call it a high capacity rifle, or whatever, it's essentially a machine gun --is not necessary, nor is it desirable in a civilized society, and nor is it necessary for public safety," Plum said. These guns are not machine guns. Taking a look at the definition of machines guns produces the following information:

A machine gun is a fully automatic mounted or portable firearm designed to fire rifle cartridges in rapid succession from an ammunition belt or magazine. As a class of military rapid-fire guns, machine guns are fully automatic weapons designed to be used as support weapons and generally used when attached to a mount or fired from the ground on a bipod or tripod. Many machine guns also use belt feeding and open bolt operation features not normally found on rifles.

Since everything here being classified as an assault weapon does not even come close to being defined as a machine gun (for example even the much-hated AR-15 is a semi-automatic weapon which is one of the first criteria to be considered a machine gun) this (honestly) seems more like a political movement and less a movement based on facts.


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