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Interview with Vita E. Cleveland

Waves Breaking

Release Date: 10/27/2016

I am so honored to get to speak with Vita E. Cleveland about her recent chapbook Dedications. The conversation, of course, wanders toward her percussion expertise, musings on art's intersection with activism, slut shaming in activist circles, and more. 

Notes of Poets Mentioned in this episode:
Vita E's tumblr
Vita E's youtube
Vita's new ebook, Dedications
CeCe McDonald giving a talk at the Humanist Hall
Capturing Fire 2016
Edited by: Mitchel Davidovitz, whose experimental audio work you can check out at his bandcamp
"The Sounds of Waves Breaking" was Vita E's drum solo "Clave." You can listen to the entirety of "Clave" at her SoundCloud page. 
Transcripts forthcoming.