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Stephen Munday, Chief Executive, The Cam Academy Trust & Executive Principal, Comberton Village College & President of The Chartered College of Teaching: Doing the right thing and working together

We Are In Beta Podcast

Release Date: 07/21/2019

White Ally show art White Ally

We Are In Beta Podcast

Picking up from the last episode on BAME leadership (which you should listen to first) we’re talking about what it means to be a ally to your BAME colleagues, what the purpose is and what it looks like when it’s not easy. We speak to Exec. Head Patrick Ottley O’Connor and Allana Gay about what they’ve done and would like to see done to promote an equitable education system for people from all backgrounds. We also hear from Pran Patel about power, the racist-anti-racist spectrum and his advice for al

Critical Mass show art Critical Mass

We Are In Beta Podcast

This is an episode on BAME leadership in education. BAME stands for Black Asian Minority Ethnic. According to the Swan Report (1985) and a recent report by the Runnymede Trust (2017), BAME educators have more difficulty progressing to leadership in the English education system. We went out to hear some stories from BAME leaders about what it was like for them getting to their position…but we made a mistake. Learn what it was and what we did about it. Allana Gay -Head at Vita Et Pax School- shares her stor

He For She show art He For She

We Are In Beta Podcast

Vivienne Porritt is one of the founders of the social equity group called WomenEd. She set us a challenge. She asked us to take a message to every man in education. Chris Hildrew is a contributor to the WomenEd book “10% Braver” and Headteacher at Churchill Academy. He charts his journey to becoming a HeForShe ally, from his early years in school to a speech he heard by Emma Watson at the UN. Later Chris would adopt some tips from Sheryl Sandberg’s book “Lean In” to promote gender equity in his sc

Blind Recruitment. show art Blind Recruitment.

We Are In Beta Podcast

Claire Cuthbert always wanted to be a teacher. She progressed quickly. The time soon came for her to apply for a headship in a mining community. Both interviewers and applicants for the role were all “middle aged white males in grey suits”. Perhaps this isn't surprising. But what happened next was. Now Claire is CEO of Evolve Trust. Her experience informed how they recruit. We also learn how she gives her team the space to look beyond their trust to design processes and get the culture right.

Community and Connection. show art Community and Connection.

We Are In Beta Podcast

As a student, Manny Botwe had a teacher with whom he shared a great relationship. This teacher took an interest in him and his activities outside school. But when Manny got into trouble he was there to have an important conversation with him that had a profound affect. As Headteacher of Tytherington School in Macclesfield, he remembers the impact taking interest in students as a whole can have. Another event makes Manny reconsider Tytherington’s role in the community and his role as a community leader

Unconditional Positive Regard. show art Unconditional Positive Regard.

We Are In Beta Podcast

Deborah, a parent-school governor, has seen first hand the difference it makes when teachers approach pupils with unconditional positive regard. Her son Zack has autism and though he went to a good mainstream school, it couldn't unlock his potential. Dave Whitaker (Wellspring Academy Trust Director of Learning) & Luke Mitchell (Head of Behaviour Support) share their learning and key principles of how to support vulnerable learners. They're changing lives; and it comes back to unconditional positive regard.

Behaviour Is Communication show art Behaviour Is Communication

We Are In Beta Podcast

Over the course of their careers, the Headteacher of Hawkswood Primary PRU (Pupil Referral Unit), Marie Gentles and her deputy Katie L'Aimable, have begun to see patterns. They’ve gone from seeing their students’ behaviour as isolated events to understanding that ALL behaviour is communication. Marie and Katie tell us what they’ve learned about what some behaviours are communicating and why understanding the root of behaviour is so critical. The results are astounding.

The Jigsaw Puzzle show art The Jigsaw Puzzle

We Are In Beta Podcast

Having felt the pressure between parenthood and being a senior leader, when Sue Plant had the opportunity to become the Headteacher of a brand new school, she was going to make sure her staff didn’t face the same challenges she faced. At John Taylor Free School, Sue tells us how she set out to make her school flexible working-friendly and recruited her whole staff in the first year without spending any money on advertising. All part of her plan to get the culture right and attract the best people.

Two heads are better than one show art Two heads are better than one

We Are In Beta Podcast

Lisa Farmer had finally got her dream job as a headteacher. Soon after getting the job she discovered she was pregnant. Lisa and her husband were elated but she thought people expected her to step down from her new role. With no intention of stepping down Lisa began looking into flexible working options. She was looking for a Co-headteacher to share the role with. But this was over a decade ago, before more case studies were available. So Lisa had to learn through trial and error. 

Call To Action: Going Phone Free. show art Call To Action: Going Phone Free.

We Are In Beta Podcast

Leann Swaine was the Associate Headteacher of East Barnet School when she wanted to make a change. One day she was in the school corridor when an event inspired her to go on the journey to make the school phone free. East Barnet is a mixed secondary with 1400 students. It’s a school big enough to make a tasks like “going phone free” seem daunting. This week on We Are In Beta, Leann, now Headteacher, tells us how she prepared her staff and students for the upcoming change.

More Episodes

In this episode, Stephen Munday (Chief Executive, The Cam Academy Trust; Executive Principal, Comberton Village College & President of The Chartered College of Teaching), shares his thoughts on:

In his interview, Stephen shares his thoughts on:

  • How a cup of tea with his Mum’s friend was the catalyst to becoming the President of the Chartered College of Teaching
  • His purpose and what he finds deeply inspiring about teaching
  • Which role in a school prepares you well for becoming a headteacher
  • What you need to keep reminding yourself as a headteacher
  • The biggest thing he has learned about headship
  • The biggest challenge of his career and how he overcame it
  • The moral duty that led to his school becoming a multi-academy trust
  • What he welcomes about changes to the Ofsted framework
  • What he questions about changes to the Ofsted Framework
  • How schools can reduce the problems with exclusions
  • The question school leaders need to ask themselves to reduce workload
  • The best CPD he’s ever done
  • How to get external support when needs can’t be met in-house
  • How to judge the quality of external CPD
  • How the Chartered College can solve the budget crisis
  • How schools can ensure they ring-fence enough money for investing in professional development
  • Tips for schools on how to balance the books
  • How he’s using technology to make professional development more scalable and accessible across the trust
  • The one question he would ask every headteacher in the country if he could
  • Why he is optimistic about the future of education and the role the Chartered College has to play
  • What one ‘less positive’ student shouted as Ofsted approached the school to begin an inspection

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