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Celebrating Wickedly Smart Women

Wickedly Smart Women

Release Date: 09/10/2019

Featuring the world’s most impressive emerging and established Wickedly Smart Women, this is the show where we spotlight, celebrate and elevate the Creative Age Leaders & Wickedly Smart Women who are making a massive difference in the world!  Listeners who are Wickedly Smart Women  "in the making" tune IN to be well fed with dynamic wisdom, legendary modeling and immediately actionable steps to be smarter, spunkier & more successful in their impact & leadership, careers, health, relationships, creativity and sexuality so that they can be more empowered & enthusiastic in every area of their life! Wickedly Smart Women is where we strive to support women to deeply connect to their capacity to create conscious change, care deeply and have the courage to take action and wholeheartedly contribute to what matters most - A thriving earth, thriving relationships, work that is playful and pleasurable as well as profitable and making the changes they were born to manifest while leading a legendary legacy life that feels both luscious & luxurious.


I'm specifically producing this podcast for 3 main reasons:

1) To elevate & celebrate Wickedly Smart Women - women who are called, committed, & consciously creating change in the world in service to the good of the all.

2) To provide the listening audience with models of Wonderful Wickedly Smart Women so that they are inspired and motivated by their stories and uplifted and invigorated by the wisdom being shared which includes prospering in my own business by creating clients as a result of producing the show – either from the guest list or from the listening audience

3) To put the spotlight on smart women rather than subservient women - our current culture and media milieu is filled with stories of how women have been victimized rather than fully celebrating and elevating what's working for women who are putting their brains and creative power to good use and making a difference NOW. I want this show to be a counter balance to the onslaught of negativity that brings people down and a platform for Wickedly Smart Women to Rise Up & Radiate.