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Possibly Terrible Holiday Gift Ideas

The Wicked Theory Podcast

Release Date: 12/12/2018

Top Pop Of 2022 show art Top Pop Of 2022

The Wicked Theory Podcast

We're back to cover the year in pop, as we saw it! Some great, some not! And then we contemplate the future! Strange New Worlds, The Batman, Weird, Superman and Lois, Lalo drops by Saul, Barry, Black Adam, The 355, Obi-Wan, Secrets of Dumbledore, House of the dragon, The Bear, Andor, Severance, She-hulk, Moon knight, Tulsa king  

Behold, A Random Return show art Behold, A Random Return

The Wicked Theory Podcast

What is this? An episode? How long has it been? Regardless, Bill and Ed talk about movies they recently saw but were not recently released, The Thing And G.I. Joe: The Movie. Want more? Let Bill know on twitter @wickedtheory

Ed O'Hare Enters The Funderdome show art Ed O'Hare Enters The Funderdome

The Wicked Theory Podcast

Ed O'Hare is my guest for episode 209 and we didn't make a single Robocop joke? Sorry to let you down with that, but I did get to the root of his war with dogs, he took a solid stance on kids working in factories, he helped me define "Plaxon", he also opened up about the horrors he endured as a Boy Scout and yes folks, he survived Lightning Round!

Grant And His Much-Stache show art Grant And His Much-Stache

The Wicked Theory Podcast

The rules still remain the same: no sport, no politics, no math. But some other things have changed, like, this is now a Guest Based show!? Yes. And Grant Markham is the first! You should know him from many podcasts, including Seven Days A Geek and The Stranger Conversations. Look, the whole point of this is You Don't Need To Know Him, You Have ME! But I'll introduce you, I guess. You'll learn about that hair on his face, how he handles my awkward questions, learn if he would sacrifice his limbs to save space aliens, find out how he defines SKURDLE, TWIZEN and TUNGLE, and of course, take...

207: A 207: A "Best Of" And "What's Next"

The Wicked Theory Podcast

Just in time for the spooky season, this episode features our instant classic "A "Reading" Of The Raven"! And it also has the details about the NEW iteration of this podcast, launching November 11th! (New Format. Same Rules. More Fun.) So if you've heard our "The Raven" bit before you can skip it (but why would you want to?) and jump to 11:22 and get the info about the upcoming reboot!

Uncle Jay Returns And A joker review show art Uncle Jay Returns And A joker review

The Wicked Theory Podcast

We're back to play catch up and to talk about Joker! We cover some recent TV and movies and then get into reviewing JOKER! Is it a "Masterpiece"? Is it something less than great? We also get into a bunch of stuff about audience reactions and expectations, controversies and some other related stuff. There's ALWAYS other stuff. Jay was in it as a extra and gives a little peek into that experience! Joker review/discussion starts at 35:30

205: Some (SDCC) Things show art 205: Some (SDCC) Things

The Wicked Theory Podcast

Agent Palmer joins Bill to talk about some things! We do some SDCC rundown, we talk some shows worth watching right now, and Bill asks some Awkward Questions! Will it be Poop or Parents?

Pop Round Up With Uncle Jay show art Pop Round Up With Uncle Jay

The Wicked Theory Podcast

Look who’s back! It’s “Uncle Jay”! Bill plays catch-up with the aspiring actor, movie obsessive, and recovering madman. After covering his recent projects they slip into news, reviews and previews, where they cover a lot of recent pop culture stuff rapid fire: Brightburn, Avengers: Endgame, Godzilla: King Of Monsters, The Inhumans, The Eternals, Rambo: Last Blood, Batman casting, Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Dark Tower, Star Wars, Shazam, Pet Sematary, and they wrap up with Game Of Thrones. There’s some spoiler-ish stuff for some of these things, with zero warnings in...

Swamp Thing (1982) And Other Things show art Swamp Thing (1982) And Other Things

The Wicked Theory Podcast

Bill is joined by Ed O’Hare and Agent Palmer! Topics: Swamp Thing (1982), Doom Patrol finale, Batman’s Love, Nom De Plumes, Requests for hate mail, Pop Culture Disappointments, The Art of TV Finales (Game Of Thrones, Sopranos), comparing MCU vs DCU and MORE!Hear Ed on The DC TV REPORT podcast! Check out AgentPalmer.com!    

This Guy Finally Watched The Matrix show art This Guy Finally Watched The Matrix

The Wicked Theory Podcast

Welcome to an evolving show! This time Bill is talking with his pal Agent Palmer who has never seen The Matrix - UNTIL NOW?! Well, they both watched it and breakdown his reactions and impressions of the twenty year old classic! They get into what does and doesn’t hold up, the impression it’s made on everything that came after it, and everything it lifts from? Plus, how did this movie even “slip by” him? This is The Wicked Theory Podcast, and for that, we apologize. But thanks for listening! Follow the guys on twitter: )  Still bored? Check out

More Episodes

From $10 to $100,000, from vain to novel, practical to “wait, what?”, Bill and Agent Palmer embark upon a quest through some of the more “interesting” and terribly great or greatly terrible gifts that the internet can throw at them in order to assist you dear listener in your holiday shopping efforts.

Links to the products mentioned are:

Phone Conversation Privacy Mask (Kickstarter not yet available)


$190 Portable Sauna


$14 Mberry Tablets


$100 Ostrich Pillow


$28.00 Fish Training Kit


$1,100 Motorized Cooler


$30 Buy Land on the Moon

https://www.lunarland.com/  the lunar surface has approximately 9,383,748,198 acres.

$30 The Wine Rack


$14 - Procrastinator Mousepad Doodler


Various - Exclusive Vinyl


$20 - Device Holding Shower Curtain (Tablets/Phones Vertical and Horizontal)


$10 “How to Poo At Work”


$10 Never Soggy Cereal Bowl


$100,000 T-rex Skeleton


$25 Literary Insults Chart


$12 per candle (average)


$15 Mug for Bill


$50 Selfie Toaster


$50 Framed Tweets