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480 The Barnacle Buck | Devin Leonard

Working Class Bowhunter

Release Date: 11/11/2021

498 Summit Outdoors | Shadow Hunter | Ghost Blind show art 498 Summit Outdoors | Shadow Hunter | Ghost Blind

Working Class Bowhunter

We sat down at ATA with Jay from Summit Outdoors and talked about the lineup of Shadow Hunter Blinds and Ghost Blind setups! Enjoy! 

497 Scent Crusher show art 497 Scent Crusher

Working Class Bowhunter

Dan Drake from Scent Crusher joins us on the podcast once again during the 2022 ATA show!  Dan tells us about the new products this year and we talk about setting up a SC / WCB Turkey camp! Enjoy!

496 C3 Mitts show art 496 C3 Mitts

Working Class Bowhunter

Randy from C3 Mitts joins us for a podcast at the 2022 ATA. We discuss his products, skeptics, and even share some hunting stories! Enjoy!

495 Nose Jammer show art 495 Nose Jammer

Working Class Bowhunter

John from Nose Jammer joins us at the 2022 ATA show! John explains how Nose Jammer works and how he thought of the idea! Enjoy!

494 Fore Runner show art 494 Fore Runner

Working Class Bowhunter

Darrin from Fore Runner joins us at the ATA show to tell us all about his new E-Bike accessories and share some big buck stories with us! Enjoy!

Jason - CamoFire - BlackOvis | CC Hunt Files show art Jason - CamoFire - BlackOvis | CC Hunt Files

Working Class Bowhunter

Jason and Clint talk about his job at Camofire and BlackOvis. We cover Jason's entire hunting season from turkeys to elk and everything in between. The guys also touch on the dreaded elk hunt and what's to come in the future. 

EP 12 | Shad Vanatti | Working Class On DeerCast show art EP 12 | Shad Vanatti | Working Class On DeerCast

Working Class Bowhunter

This week our great friend Shad Vanatti is in the studio! Shad is passionate about traditional archery and loves everything bowhunting, even if it’s after a spike buck! There's also a not-so-special feature on this episode from “Snort Wheeze Scottie”.

493 The Big Browed 8 |Kehler George show art 493 The Big Browed 8 |Kehler George

Working Class Bowhunter

Kehler just had the late-season hunt of a lifetime! Hunting with Austin Chandler and getting after big frame 8 pointers from a ground blind. The build-up and history with this buck over a short period of time is any deer hunter's dream! 

492 New Property And Big Bucks | Drexel Richardson show art 492 New Property And Big Bucks | Drexel Richardson

Working Class Bowhunter

Drexel joins us in the studio to share the stories of his tagged out season in Iowa. Finding a new small piece of property and reading signs on the fly paid off in a big way! 

Martin Chagnovich | CC Hunt Files show art Martin Chagnovich | CC Hunt Files

Working Class Bowhunter

Martin and Clint talk about his business in the hunting industry and his awesome elk hunt in September. Martin talks about his elk film "September" and tips and tactics for elk during every season! 

More Episodes

Devin joins the podcast this week in studio to tell the story about his recent GIANT FoUrTy point mule deer! While in town he is hunting whitetails for the first time ever!  Enjoy! 

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