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Chantal Bossé Joins Jennifer to Talk About Her Unexpected Career in Public Speaking

Yes, And . . . Podcast with Jennifer Whitacre

Release Date: 11/21/2018

Life pushed Chantal into her first experience with public speaking, and she would not have chosen this path for herself had that not happened.

Chantal went from a shy child who wanted to be invisible to an adult with a lucrative career in public speaking and helping others to become public speakers.

Chantal shares with us what she calls her awkward path in life. 
She believes communication is important at all levels of our lives.
A major transition in a company she worked for landed her in a part-time position as a trainer.  This led to the realization of how much she loved it and that she was good at it.
Chantal explains how she works with her clients who fear public speaking.  It's an individual process she uses with each client.
Fear comes from the pressure we put on ourselves.  Focus on the right things and the fear subsides. She shares a big mistake she made early in her new business and offers tips on how others can avoid making the same errors she made.
She shares why it's important for the speaker to know how to listen effectively. Public speaking is one of the most sought out competencies.