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Tammy Sorrento: Avoid Getting Scammed

Yes, And . . . Podcast with Jennifer Whitacre

Release Date: 03/06/2019

Today's guest is Tammy Sorrento. Tammy is founder and CEO of Fireball Approves. Fireball Approves is a service that provides identity verification for property rentals, vacation rentals, and rentals for traveling occupations.
Tammy Sorrento is also an insurance professional - working in the field for the past 20 years. She started off as an insurance agent and transferred to claims. She served on the Jacksonville Claims Association as President and Treasurer. 
Tammy is also a notary. Her experience includes mediation, trial management, compliance and regulatory reporting.
She became a licensed private investigator and started an investigation agency to keep consumers from getting burned when they rent.
Helping people avoid scams is Tammy's life mission! She is so passionate because she was almost a victim of one herself.
Tammy was booking a vacation rental in Key West, when something just didn't feel right. Tammy took action on her gut feeling and stopped a potential scammer. That was a pivotal moment. She realized how easy it is to be scammed; and she is now on a mission to protect the general public. 
On this episode, we learn about common scams, red flags, and how to avoid being a victim. The new 'Sharing Economy' presents users with options; but can also leave them vulnerable to scams. We discuss topics like AirBnB, craigslist, and IRS scams.
Are these scams part of something bigger? We discuss the potential of organized crime playing a role in various scams. 
In addition, Tammy shares her future plans for Fireball Approves. She outlines her plan to expand her business to include public speaking. Her goal is to share her story with college-aged individuals, and their parents, in hopes of preventing them from being taken advantage of.
Tammy also hits on some great topics for fellow business owners. She discusses building a brand of trust, finding a niche, and spreading her message. She aims to build a brand of trust with both renters and property owners. She does this through various social media platforms.
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