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Julie Ward: Transforming Your Life Through Food

Yes, And . . . Podcast with Jennifer Whitacre

Release Date: 03/13/2019

You are what you eat... It is very cliché, but there is increasing evidence of the connection between the gut and brain. The food we eat affects cognition, and is linked to anxiety and depression. Julie Ward is a 100% plant-based certified ACE health coach who believes that by eating the right foods and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can prevent most major illnesses.

Julie discusses her prior unhealthy relationship with food and why she gave up meat in 1987. Upon making this shift in her diet, she came to many realizations. These realizations include increased energy, elevated mood, and improved digestive health. 

The journey to adapting a 100% plant-based diet can be overwhelming. She talks about navigating food labels, eating out, and not compromising taste. Julie wanted to take the lessons she learned and help others.

Julie helps others transition to health using a new approach to food and "habit hacks” that help her clients overcome obstacles. Julie is the founder of Fresh Food Alchemy. The company's mission is to create healthy, happy, plant-based individuals. As the founder of Fresh Food Alchemy, Julie's presentations focus on how foods can boost energy, joy and focus. After overcoming her own depression, mood and digestive issues using plant-based wisdom, she brings 25 years of first-hand experience to the table, helping health educators and clients understand that optimal health is possible, and healthy food can taste great!

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