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Toni Crowe: From Prostitution to Vice-President

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Release Date: 04/10/2019

Toni Crowe is an author of 6 books and a retired corporate vice president, but her success did not take a traditional route. Like her mother, she had a baby at fifteen. At just 17 years old, she fell blindly in love with a pimp and ran away with him.

While she lived with escorts, she learned valuable communication and leadership skills. To avoid selling her body, Toni became the bookkeeper/personal assistant of the operation. Four months later Toni's pimp was jailed. She had the option to use the money from the operation to bail him out of jail, but decided to move back to Chicago with the money instead.

After moving back, her grandmother convinced her to go back to college. On her journey from a lady of the night to the lady in the boardroom, she became certified as Professional Engineer, a Six Sigma Black Belt, a Certified Professional Manager, and was inducted into the New York YWCA Academy of Women Leaders.

She retired in May of 2018 to focus on her writing. She wrote 6 books between June and December of 2018. Many readers reached out to Toni to share the impact her books had on their lives. Toni realized she needed a better way to serve the community her books created. She founded her own company, Just One, where she remains the President and CEO. The company is dedicated to stopping others from making the mistakes she made, even if its just one person. 



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Email: tonicrowe@tonicrowewriter.com

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