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5 Element Knowledge W/ Hip Hop Kido "Mugzy"

Yes, And . . . Podcast with Jennifer Whitacre

Release Date: 04/24/2019

Growing up, 28 year old Australian rapper Mugzy, was never "Mr. Popular". His loneliness led to deep internal stress and depression. Ultimately, he found inspiration after his first encounter with Hip-Hop. After hearing Eminem's song 'The Way I Am', Mugzy felt that he could strongly relate to the lyrics in Eminem's songs and began to change his image to be a true representative of the Hip-Hop culture. 
Hip-hop is often demonized for its negative influence on the youth. For Mugzy, it was therapeutic. Drawing inspiration from the masters of Hip-Hop and armed with the knowledge earned through years of hardship, Mugzy's rap speaks the truth. A truth that will resound with teenagers that have had to endure self doubt and lack of confidence.
Mugzy aspires to do more for the community then making inspirational music. He works with Musicians Making A Difference, an organization dedicated to providing creative support to young people, (especially those who have suffered emotional abuse, neglect and disadvantage) in overcoming challenges such as homelessness, destructive patterns of behavior, exclusion from school, family breakdown, drug and alcohol dependency, unemployment and reoffending.
Mugzy's role as a mentor does not exclude him from hardship. He believed his career was over after he froze on national TV. Defeated, he turned to smoking and drinking. His negative spiral was so downward he ended up in the hospital twice. After seeing how this affected his family, he came to the realization that his actions were selfish. He took back control of both his life and career.
Mugzy is preparing to release his 3rd album. An album he considers to be his best work yet. He talks about his future goals and how the album will bring him to the "next level" in his career.
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