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When to Call a Plumber, rather than Doing it Yourself!

Your Moment of Trust

Release Date: 10/15/2023

A podcast by BBB of the Tri-Counties

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Your Moment of Trust!

“Honey, we have a problem with the sink…”  When your significant other says those words, it’s never a good sign.  Having a reliable plumbing system is something that many take for granted. It’s plumbing that allows clean water to flow into your home and dirty wastewater to flow out. When that service is interrupted, and it’s not just a minor problem – you need it
fixed, and fast.  But how do you know whether to grab your tools (or a plunger) and head to the bathroom, or grab the phone and call a (BBB Accredited) plumber instead? When is the
plumbing problem too big for you and best left to the experts? When the situation
threatens your health and safety, your comfort and sense of security, and your home’s
value – you want to be sure it gets fixed correctly.

Safety and health

First and foremost, the health and safety of your family takes priority. Can you safely
and effectively resolve the problem, or does this fix need to be handled by a

Here are some examples of plumbing situations that could potentially cause safety

· Sewer backups or standing water – sewer blockages can be caused by something
flushed in the toilet, or by tree roots growing into your pipes. You’ll notice a terrible
smell, and sewage or dirty water may start coming up into your drains, causing a health
· Burst pipes – cold weather often results in frozen pipes, and older pipes can rust.
Water rushing into your house can cause structural problems, like a collapsed ceiling or
damaged floors, that compromise your safety.
· Mold – if a leaky pipe has caused mold to grow, you could have a health issue.
Get a plumber to fix the pipe and a mold remediation company to help you get rid of the
unhealthy mold.

Comfort and security

A plumbing issue can also impact you and your family’s comfort and sense of security. If
a plunger won’t fix the problem, maybe it’s time to call an expert.

· Overflowing toilets – if you’ve tried plunging and the water won’t stop flowing, shut
off the valve at the bottom where the water comes in and give the plumber a call.
Nobody wants to be without a bathroom when nature calls.

· Clogged drains – if you’ve tried to unclog your sink or tub but there is no water
getting through, you may have a blockage that requires a plumber’s assistance. Your
teenager isn’t going to like being told that she can’t take a shower, so it’s best to get that
fixed quickly.

· Water heater failure – lack of hot water can impact more than just a hot shower.
You could end up with damaged floors if your tank leaks. A lack of heated water could
also lead to burst pipes in a cold climate. If your heater uses natural gas, you may even
have a safety issue (leave the home and call the police if you smell a rotten egg smell).

· Sump pump problems – if you live in a low-lying area and have a sump pump, you
could have serious water damage if the pump fails. If you notice loud noises or odd
behavior, call in a pro.

· No water/water pressure – If you don’t have any water or your water pressure is
very low, but you don’t know why, tearing down your own walls or digging up your yard
to find the problem yourself probably isn’t the best solution. Call in an expert plumber to
diagnose your problem.

Home value

Other plumbing issues may impact the value of your home when it comes time to sell or
relocate. Consider hiring a plumber if you have these issues and can’t fix them on your

· Outdated pipes and plumbing fixtures
· A septic system that needs to be maintained or pumped
· A leak that has caused water damage or mold
· An outside faucet that leaks water into your foundation
· Upgrading to a new appliance (like a dishwasher or washer) and it isn’t as simple
as you thought.  Although it may seem tempting and less expensive to try to resolve plumbing issues yourself, realize that sometimes it ends up being more costly if your DIY project doesn’t work or isn’t up to code. Hiring a licensed, insured plumber will give you peace of mind that your job is done right.

BBB Accredited plumbers adhere to BBB’s Accreditation Standards and BBB checks to
ensure proper licensure. In addition, by going to BBB.org to find a plumber near you,
you can check reviews and read how the business resolved any complaints. Remember
to look for the BBB Seal- It’s the Sign of a Better Business.

Until next time!