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This Magic Life w/ Andrea Koppel

This Magic Life is a podcast hosted by Andrea Koppel to inspire people to stop fearing their future and start learning how to create a career, and a life, they’ll love. Through weekly interviews with powerhouse guests like Dave Asprey, Dr Joe Dispenza, Steven Kotler and Hala Taha, you’ll hear stories about how embracing serendipitous encounters, events and experiences (good and bad) led them to discover their own perfect paths – and how you can too. These interviews uncover the randomness of how our post-grad careers really unfold – no matter what we studied – and the importance of listening to our intuition. Plus, you’ll learn key life lessons you didn’t get in the classroom like how to radically uplevel your quality of life, whether through biohacking, meditation, tantra, financial or health advice, networking, and beyond. Walk away each week with inspiration and insights to invite magic into your life in all areas, especially your career.

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