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The Monday American: A History Podcast

American history, one story at a time. Every episode tells the story of the people and the events that matter while creating perspective; showing that hindsight isn’t always 20/20. We make sure that the story is never taken out of history.

info_outline The Great Depression: The Dustbowl of Despair 03/16/2019
info_outline The Korean War (Part III): A War With No Victor 10/04/2018
info_outline The Korean War (Part II): A Brand New War 09/12/2018
info_outline The Korean War (Part I): The Forgotten War and Forgotten Lesson 08/29/2018
info_outline The Battle of the Bulge: Hitler's Final Attack 08/17/2018
info_outline Cowboys and Indians: America's Westward Expansion. 07/16/2018
info_outline With Bruce Carlson, Host of "My History Can Beat Up Your Politics" 06/29/2018
info_outline The Vietnam War (Part V): America’s Costly Lesson 06/13/2018
info_outline The Vietnam War (Part IV): Tet Unravels the West. 05/16/2018
info_outline The Vietnam War (Part III): Limited War, Without Limits. 04/25/2018
info_outline Special Episode | Congressman William Timmons (SC House District 4) 04/24/2018
info_outline The Vietnam War (Part II): Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy. 04/05/2018
info_outline The Vietnam War (Part I): The Dominos Begin to Fall 03/22/2018
info_outline The American Civil War (Part V): A Nation Born of Blood 02/22/2018
info_outline The American Civil War (Part IV): The Reality of War 02/02/2018
info_outline The American Civil War (Part III): A House Divided 01/19/2018
info_outline The American Civil War (Part II): The road to war 01/05/2018
info_outline The American Civil War (Part I): Our Darkest Day 12/18/2017
info_outline Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt: America's Bull Moose 12/07/2017
info_outline The Miracle over Miami: Eastern Airlines Flight 855 11/03/2017
info_outline The American Revolution (Part III) 10/05/2017
info_outline The American Revolution (Part II) 10/04/2017
info_outline The American Revolution (Part I) 10/03/2017
info_outline World War Two (Part III): A War Against Evil 07/04/2017
info_outline World War II (Part II): Into the Jaws of Death 06/06/2017
info_outline World War II (Part I): The Foundation for Destruction 05/31/2017
info_outline The origin story of American Intelligence Communities: Secrets Secrets, Are No Fun 04/10/2017
info_outline John Fitzgerald Kennedy: The Watchmen on the Wall. 04/06/2017
info_outline If at First You Don't Succeed... 04/01/2017
info_outline A Preview of The Monday American 02/01/2017