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Resilient Women Win with Ashley LeeAnn

Resilient Women Win is a movement designed to propel forward, and encourage women who are struggling with bouncing back from tragedy and heartbreak! This podcast is a unique and authentic approach to dealing with everyday real-life issues as a modern Christian woman. Here you will find a VERY transparent hope dealer who decided to turn her pain into a platform to snatch the shattered out of the trenches of despair and guide them along the road of healing to become resilient! Ashley's witty personality, unique craft, God-given creativity, airy sense of humor, and unicorn-like authenticity sets her aside from the rest! All of these elements are wrapped in Ashley's unapologetic transparency coupled with her unique style of ministering to those who are struggling! This is a safe place, a no-judgment zone, and a community of sister-friends who love and uplift each other! I invite you to listen in as we laugh, forgive, heal totally, and strut in FULL resilience beyond our past wounds! It's now time to walk in the individual uniqueness of who God called us to be! Resilient Women Win is your digital BFF encouraging you to live your best lives ever! There is hope for your situation and you will PUSH forward into a realm of restoration and wholeness through Jesus Christ! Welcome to my passion!

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