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HER Inspirations

It is my intention with this podcast, to bring you words and practices that assist me in the hope that they may offer something to you too. Even though these are challenging times we are being presented with an opportunity for immense growth. Imagine the world we can create if each of us commits to our own healing. Each week I will speak about what I am seeing in society, and how the collective is reacting/responding and bring forward what I hope will be resources, and writings, that may offer perspectives that are helpful for us all. This is by no means definitive. I am not your guru. This is my evolution too. As I find information that inspires me I am sharing it because I feel called to serve in my own way at this time. —- If you want to reach out to me with questions or share your experiences email me at [email protected] Website: http://www.carolmaewhittick.com

info_outline Intuition. Validate YOUR Voice. 12/02/2022
info_outline 1. Forgiveness. Amnesty without Apology? 11/23/2022