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The Roll Down

A space for People of Color to be known and seen, and guidance for those who are in the pursuit of justice. Follow us!: instagram.com/therolldownpodcast Chasing Justice Podcast Network

info_outline Season 2 Finale 04/04/2024
info_outline Book Interview: “A Heart on Fire” w/ Danielle Coke Balfour 03/14/2024
info_outline The Lenses Institute and Beyond: Our Time to Heal from Religious Trauma and Workplace/Spiritual Abuse 02/22/2024
info_outline The Lenses Institute: Our Story to Tell 02/08/2024
info_outline State of Our Country: Activism and Self-Care 05/25/2023
info_outline State of our Country: Where do we begin? 05/11/2023
info_outline Culture Creator, Not Chaser 04/06/2023
info_outline Refinding Your Voice 03/23/2023
info_outline Who Am I? 03/09/2023
info_outline The Hope of Belonging 02/23/2023
info_outline How are you REALLY doing? 02/09/2023
info_outline We’re Back! (Season 2 Intro) 01/27/2023
info_outline A Steady Lifeline (Season Finale) 07/21/2021
info_outline It's The Range For Me 07/07/2021
info_outline In the Valley: Perseverance & Endurance 06/23/2021
info_outline In the Valley: Joy & Rest 06/09/2021
info_outline In the Valley: Lament & Justice 05/26/2021
info_outline In the Valley: Suffering and God 05/12/2021
info_outline Community & Self-care in the Fight for Justice 04/28/2021
info_outline Empathy, Containment and Validation 04/14/2021
info_outline Liberating Women: From Colonized Femininity and Purity Culture 03/31/2021
info_outline Liberating Women: From Unhealthy Masculinity & Gender Based Violence 03/24/2021
info_outline Liberating Women: From Oppressive History 03/18/2021
info_outline Liberating Women: From Spiritual Abuse 03/10/2021
info_outline Deconstructing & Reconstructing Faith: What Does it Mean? 02/26/2021
info_outline To Be Seen is So Powerful 02/19/2021
info_outline State of our Country: Election, Transition & Inauguration 01/29/2021
info_outline State of our Country: Covid and Racial Unrest 01/22/2021
info_outline We Talkin' About Justice 01/15/2021
info_outline Let Justice Roll Down 01/08/2021