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Flacks, Stacks, and Hacks

Communications is at an inflection point. Technology–not only, but especially, AI–is changing the profession, redefining roles, disrupting careers, and wreaking havoc with trust. At the same time, that same technology is creating opportunities for leaders to communicate in unprecedented ways and do what we’ve always wanted to do: deliver keen and compelling insights, build trust in our organizations and clients, and create meaningful, lasting connections with our stakeholders. Join award-winning Communications innovators Ethan McCarty, CEO of Integral, the cutting-edge employee experience agency, and Dan Nestle, seasoned corporate communications and marketing executive, podcaster, and author, as they explore the edge of fear, excitement, and wonder at the changes happening in Communications today. Their insights, conversations, and interviews with leaders and innovators will help communicators everywhere understand, embrace, and maybe even relish the thrilling journey ahead. In short, we sort out the future of comms for communicators in the now because someone has to.

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