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The Watchers

The Watchers is a critically-acclaimed, monthly, online radio show that features host "East Side" Dave McDonald, radio superstar and current morning co-host of Carl & Dave at New Jersey's legendary WRAT 95.9 FM and current host of the award-winning Davey Mac Sports Program, joining forces with Chris "Pepper" Stanley (of SiriusXM),, Sean O. Barry, and Roy “Shaffer” Harter, as they combine for a fresh, original, sometimes hysterical, sometimes disturbing, and always unique and fun take on movies! Your perception of Hollywood and Showbiz will never be the same once you’ve been visited by…The Watchers! Listen to the show now!

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info_outline I Try To Help! 04/24/2014
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info_outline The Watchers Oscar Special! 01/24/2014
info_outline A Watchers Christmas Spectacular! 12/18/2013
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info_outline Death Comes for the Watchers - A Halloween Special! 10/23/2013
info_outline The Coen Brothers Bring the Watchers to Blows! 09/26/2013
info_outline The Summer Ends in Box Office Tears 08/22/2013
info_outline A Touching Tribute To Dennis Farina 07/25/2013