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3 Mad Girls

Welcome to 3 Mad Girls, a show by mad girls for mad girls. What are we mad about? We're glad you asked! Join us as we kvetch about important issues in the world today that just piss us off, like traffic and when the barista spells your name wrong. We might be mad, but we still know how to have a good time! Thanks for listening, and enjoy the show!

info_outline S2E7 - Open relationships are basically honesty, honestly. 10/17/2019
info_outline S2E6 - Together 22 Hours a Day 09/19/2019
info_outline Bonus Episode - Our Listeners are Mad Too! 09/12/2019
info_outline S2E5 - Almost Famous 09/05/2019
info_outline S2E4 - Single and Ready to Slide into your DMs 08/22/2019
info_outline S2E3 - What exactly is a Bromance? 08/08/2019
info_outline S2E2 - The male biological clock: Does it exist? 07/25/2019
info_outline S2E1 - The Mad Girls Are Back And We Have News... 07/11/2019
info_outline The Mad Break! 11/08/2018
info_outline Reboots and Remakes 11/01/2018
info_outline Halloween Special 10/25/2018
info_outline 30 Flirty and Thriving 10/18/2018
info_outline Mad About Stigmatizing Mental Health 10/11/2018
info_outline 30-Year-Olds Need Friends Too 10/04/2018
info_outline Adulting 09/27/2018
info_outline 3 Stressed Girls 09/20/2018
info_outline Why We Get Mad 09/13/2018
info_outline Basic Bellas and Fellas 09/06/2018
info_outline Dating Apps Bring Out Our Worst Selves 08/30/2018
info_outline The 3 Mad Ladies Will Be Back Next Week! 08/23/2018
info_outline Three Mad Girls Just Trying to Get Ahead 08/16/2018
info_outline Student Loans are the WORST 08/09/2018
info_outline Rapid Fire Mad 08/02/2018
info_outline First Date Fauxpas 07/26/2018
info_outline To Roommate Or Not to Roommate 07/19/2018
info_outline We Dont Ever Want to Age 07/12/2018
info_outline Fad Dieting 07/05/2018
info_outline Dating Dealbreakers 06/28/2018
info_outline FOMO is the WORST 06/21/2018
info_outline Appropriate Attire 06/14/2018