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Mastering Your Magnificence

Discussing a variety of topics from manifestation, spirituality, law of attraction, energy frequencies, personal development and growth, business, feminine and masculine energy, love and relationships, vulnerability, conflict resolution, emotional healing, miracle healing, angels and guides, and harnessing your spiritual power. Hi I’m Christy After experiencing the extreme pain of losing both of my brother and mother to suicide, I started to question the meaning of life. Why am I here? What is my purpose? Intense grief led to divine guidance, and as a result, I uncovered my hidden spiritual gifts and power. I began to heal. I learned to expand. I started to understand that I could teach, guide and inspire others to uncover the same without having to experience the trauma I had. I discovered my true purpose in my life is to use my superpower to teach others how to love, how to help them to create the life they have always wanted, finding their soul purpose, and inspire them to go after their dreams! ARE YOU READY? To live the life of your dreams and uncover the secrets to a life filled with love, success and abundance? Join the mission And check out our courses here https://loveacademy.com.au/lovingyourself/ Check out our website: https://loveacademy.com.au/lovingyourself/

info_outline Christy's Personal Story 08/05/2022