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Multi Author Book Mastery

Multi-Author Business Mastery is a podcast for entrepreneurs and business owners that are interested in working with Camilla Fellas Arnold and Tecassia Publishing to write a chapter in a multi-author book project or partner with Tecassia to launch a branded multi-author book for their business. This 10 part series will give you insight into multi-author books, how they differ from solo books and traditional publishing and why being part of one is the easy way to get published. You'll learn how easy it is for multi-author books to become international bestsellers, the secret behind making your money back from your investment in a multi-author book and how to nurture relationships with your co-authors to provide opportunities that will feed your business for years to come. This podcast will explain the process and support offered by Tecassia Publishing when you decide to become part of one of our multi-author books and you'll hear from clients what their experience has been and why they love being part of multi-author books. If you know you are ready to join a multi-author book, go to www.tecassia.com/multiauthor to see what titles we are currently enrolling.

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info_outline Client Feedback - Emily Tuck 05/15/2022
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