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In Sight - Exposing Narcissism

Psychotherapists Helen Villiers and Katie McKenna specialise in working with adult children of narcissistic parents, emotional abuse, and parentification. Helen also has ADHD, and specialises in neurodivergence, particularly Autism and ADHD. In Sight-Exposing Narcissism answers a listener's letter each week about the relationship or situation they're struggling to understand. Listen to hear Helen and Katie identify behaviours and trauma and answer the question the listener asks, and offers suggestions on how to heal. Get access to bonus content and support us through our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/InSight_Podcast

info_outline 119. Do I Have to Lose Everyone? 06/14/2024
info_outline 118. How Do I Protect My Sister? 06/07/2024
info_outline 117. How Do I Deal With The Anger? 05/31/2024
info_outline 116. Why Can’t I Cry? 05/24/2024
info_outline 115. Should I Confront Her? 05/17/2024
info_outline 114. Can I Protect Myself & Keep My Siblings? 05/10/2024
info_outline 113. Mother in Law + Trauma = Smothering. What Do I Do? 05/03/2024
info_outline 112. Is My Mother Toxic or Am I Being Unfair? 04/26/2024
info_outline 111. YNTP Book Launch 04/19/2024
info_outline 110. Can a Narcissist Change? 04/12/2024
info_outline 109. Interview with Harriet Shearsmith - The Book! 04/05/2024
info_outline 108. When is a golden child not a golden child? 03/29/2024
info_outline 107. Why Can't I Communicate With My Husband? 03/22/2024
info_outline 106. The Invisible Man 03/15/2024
info_outline 105. How Do I Make Peace with My Past? 03/08/2024
info_outline 104. Can I make it on my own? 03/01/2024
info_outline 103. Invisible or Enmeshed? 02/23/2024
info_outline 102. How Do I Know Who I Am? 02/16/2024
info_outline 101. Why Should I Pretend? 02/09/2024
info_outline 100! Where are they now?! 02/02/2024
info_outline 99. It's Not Normal - An interview with Casey Smith 01/26/2024
info_outline 98. Their father is a diagnosed Narcissist, how do I support my kids? 01/19/2024
info_outline 97. How do I fix our friendship? 01/15/2024
info_outline 96. The Freudian Slip - Scapegoat part 1 01/05/2024
info_outline 95. How to Heal 12/29/2023
info_outline 94. The Gift of Christmas (aka ep 41) 12/22/2023
info_outline 93. Toxic Families + Christmas = Boundaries 12/15/2023
info_outline 92. Am I Being Oversensitive? 12/08/2023
info_outline 91. Am I Being Stonewalled? 12/01/2023
info_outline 90. Why Won't My Grandparents Protect Me? 11/24/2023