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The Leadership Heart Podcast

Are you living to your FULLEST POTENTIAL? Do you clearly know how to have FREEDOM in your life? Have you considered how to effectively OPTIMIZE your ENERGIES into powerful ACTION?

Sandra Horton, is a Business Coach, Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, Author, who holds a MA in Leadership. She brings her 25+ years of experience helping people make more money $$$.

What she has found in helping her clients is that to make more $$$ you need to DISCOVER & RELEASE your FULL POTENTIAL. 

In todays world to be successful you must be open to transform and adapt to this ever-changing complex business environment. Leaders who can connect to their heart, mind and a higher consciousness are succeeding. A POSITIVE mindset being the key to prosperity!

In this podcast you will hear from leaders of Fortune 500 companies, solopreneurs, tech giants, teachers how they have overcome and succeeded through Covid both personally & professionally.  It takes courage, determination, positive success habits, and as my friend Rex Sikes says . . . to be able to . . . " Live Your Life On Your Terms"

This podcast will offer a variety of topics and will host interviews with exceptional global thought leaders along with host segments focused on building leadership skills. A listener will be able to take the lessons and apply them to their own leadership assisting them to become a truly Authentic, Heart-led, and Conscious Leader  

Let's GO!!!

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