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All Things Sexual Wellness

Welcome to All Things Sexual Wellness, a podcast focusing on normalizing the conversation around sexual wellness and providing tools and resources for revitalizing your sexual health! What if I told you...your sexual health is a barometer to your overall health and wellness? It’s true! Hi! I'm Kelly Engelmann, Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner and your Sexual Health Expert! I began practicing sexual health, wellness, and regenerative treatments in 1997. My clinic, Enhanced Wellness Living, is Mississpippi’s premier Functional Medicine clinic offering a variety of services for sexual wellness including Votiva, FemiWave, and the O-Shot for women + GAINSWave and the P-Shot for men. This podcast is the opportunity for us to talk about All Things Sexual Wellness-from your relationship and self-esteem to your physical function, sleep, and mental health, sexual wellness plays a role in every aspect of your overall health!

info_outline Connecting With Your Body & Your Partner 01/24/2023