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7 Days a Geek

This Award Winning Podcast covers the Upcoming, Current, and possibly overlooked show's and movies across all of the streaming channels! Each week the 3 hosts share with you the drama, comedy and intrigue happening on their screens and in their lives! Listen today. Binge watch tomorrow!

info_outline Ep 65: To Catch and Kill, The Many Saints of Newark and Pray Away, Sex Magic 07/22/2021
info_outline Ep 64: Big Pharma Comes for Jason Mamoa's Sweet Girl 07/17/2021
info_outline Ep 63: The Shrink Next Door Is A Mosquito Biting Vampire 07/09/2021
info_outline Ep 62: Shazaming The Mandela Effect 07/03/2021
info_outline Ep 61: Debating The Dark Knights Catwoman Dilemma 06/24/2021
info_outline Ep 60: 5 Shows You Should Be Watching and One Wahlberg You Shouldn't! 06/17/2021
info_outline Ep 59: Quad's The Middle Man Between Ginger's Ex and Neighbor Cole's New Girlfriend 06/11/2021
info_outline Ep Threesome Savages High On Black Summer Jungle Cruises 06/04/2021
info_outline Ep 57: GunpowderMilkshakes and Timeloops with Zombies 05/28/2021
info_outline Ep 56: Keira Knightly Sings Us a Love Song... and We Swoon! 05/23/2021
info_outline Ep 55: A Bad Batch of Rudderless Geeks Return From Vegas With a Sweet Tooth for Death Love and Robots! 05/15/2021
info_outline Ep 54: Supplemental Podcastings From Floor of Monkey Poo Studio Containing Editing Machine 04/30/2021
info_outline Ep 53: The Nevers, Thunder Force, and This is a Robbery! 04/22/2021
info_outline Ep 52: Tennessee Tests, Theatrical Titans Clashing and Full on Fanatic's 04/14/2021
info_outline Ep 51: Iron Sky - Weekly Watch Party Segment 04/11/2021
info_outline Ep 51: Relationship Issues and Scheduling Conflicts 04/09/2021
info_outline Ep 50:Freeloading Hope Hacks High Fidelity Flyers and Friends (Monthly Wrap Up) 04/02/2021
info_outline LEVEL 7(DAG)-The Falcon and the Winter Soldier-Episodes 1 and 2 04/01/2021
info_outline Episode 49: Altering the Frequency of Lovecrafts Space Time Continuum 03/27/2021
info_outline Ep 48: Bonding with The Duchess in a Feminist Superhero Boys Club 03/18/2021
info_outline Ep 47 Eternal Sunshine of the Nyquil Cancel Culture Mind 03/11/2021
info_outline Ep 46: Dutch Mud Flapping On Quads Couch (Feb Monthly Wrap Up) 03/03/2021
info_outline Ep 45: Abducted At Point Blank! 02/25/2021
info_outline Ep 44: Scaling the Walls of Cancel Culture Via Dancing Parlays and Punky Power 02/19/2021
info_outline Episode 43: 6 day and 7 Night Getting High on Fidelity 02/15/2021
info_outline 7DAG Presents: WANDAVISION RECAP #2 02/12/2021
info_outline Ep 42: Handicapable Erotica, A Backstabbed Poet, and Glory Hole Rabbit Holes 02/04/2021
info_outline Ep 41: Adventures in Babysitting, Goop Goes Boom, Godzilla V.S. King Kong 01/29/2021
info_outline Ep 40.5 7DAG Presents: WandaVision 1 & 2 Easter Eggs & Breakdowns 01/23/2021
info_outline Ep 40: Unlawful Entry, Dead Poets Society, WandaVision and Origin of the F Word 01/21/2021