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Raw to Real

The Raw to Real podcast is all about delving into the raw and real aspects of our lives, celebrating the bravery in surrendering to who you truly are at the core. With a focus on everything Human Design, your hosts, Patrick Danquah and Breanne MacGrath, get to the bottom of what it means to live with ease and flow. In sharing their journey of discovering and understanding Human Design, they offer their learnings of how to live by your design and decondition yourself from the traits, personalities and characteristics many of us have adapted through years of societal conditioning. They help you discover that there are no mistakes in life, as every interaction is a learning dynamic on our path to finding alignment. Embracing every part of the journey of discovering yourself, they drill down into the language of Human Design and work to unwrap the layers needed to get to your core. They’ll demonstrate the power of moving away from all of the “should do’s” as you tear down your walls and begin to trust your inner voice. On each episode, they’ll leave you with a tip or takeaway that you can begin putting into practice as you work through your own path to discovery. Join Patrick and Breanne as they uncover the possibilities that lay ahead when you are truly connected with your authentic self. Meet Patrick Danquah Patrick is a Human Design and Transformational Coach who is dedicated to helping others discover the beauty and benefits of Human Design while finding their life purpose. He helps guide his clients through their journey of discovering alignment and their natural gifts, talents and purpose, while cutting through the noise of what societal conditioning says true success is. Patrick shows his clients how to get back to the true essence of who they are by dropping the "should do's" and learning to reconnect and trust their inner voice. He explains how to redefine the meaning of success while tuning into our true gifts and talents and realigning with what's truly important in living authentically. He breaks down the steps needed to create a life of ease, flow and abundance while creating and maintaining the boundaries needed to break free from unhappiness and get to a place of personal fulfillment and team success. Meet Breanne MacGrath Breanne is passionate about sharing her own personal experiences and journey in learning about Human Design, realizing there has to be more to life than just going to work, coming home exhausted, and then rinsing and repeating the same process day in and day out. As a mother of 2, she understands the challenge of balancing life and work and is dedicated to learning, expanding and growing her consciousness. In sharing her experiences and challenges with others, she hopes they too can understand there are no mistakes in life and they are definitely not alone in their journey. She is vocal about how life-changing Human Design has been for her personally and although she is just starting her journey, it has been the permission slip she needs to connect with her true, authentic self. Social Media Handles IG: _rawtoreal FB: Patrick N Danquah Linkedin: Patrick N Danquah

info_outline Ep 1: Introduction: Our Journey/ Our Story 07/28/2022
info_outline EP 2: Removing The Veil Of Conditioning 07/28/2022
info_outline EP 3: There Are No Mistakes 07/28/2022
info_outline Raw to Real Trailer 07/14/2022