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Accept The Mystery

Josh Richmond and Jackie Lechtholz-Zey discuss every Coen Brothers film, from Blood Simple to Inside Llewyn Davis, in encyclopedic detail. Plus special guests, smart games and stupid questions!

info_outline Hail Caesar 03/23/2016
info_outline Mystery Accepted 05/13/2015
info_outline Kumiko the Treasure Hunter 04/21/2015
info_outline MINI EP - Lebowski Fest 03/25/2015
info_outline Fargo E09-10 w/ Margaret Nagle 03/18/2015
info_outline True Grit (1969) w/ Nadia Kamil 03/06/2015
info_outline The Ladykillers (1955) ft. Emily Towers 02/25/2015
info_outline Poems, Plays & Shorts ft. Franco Pillsbury 02/18/2015
info_outline Inside Llewyn Davis ft. Christian Hand 02/05/2015
info_outline Fargo E07-8 ft. Ron Fassler 01/21/2015
info_outline Unbroken ft. AJ Berna 01/14/2015
info_outline Fargo E04-6 ft. GJ Echternkamp 01/07/2015
info_outline Romance & Cigarettes ft. Ben Siemon 12/24/2014
info_outline Fargo E01-3 ft. Dan Wolfberg 12/17/2014
info_outline True Grit ft. Frank Myhero 12/10/2014
info_outline A Serious Man ft. Jake Regal 12/03/2014
info_outline Burn After Reading ft. Ray Richmond 11/26/2014
info_outline No Country For Old Men ft. Eric Bauer 11/19/2014
info_outline The Cannoli Of Promise Hill: A Game Of Fiasco 11/13/2014
info_outline The Ladykillers ft. Alex Sherman 11/05/2014
info_outline Bad Santa ft. Zane Grant 10/29/2014
info_outline Intolerable Cruelty ft. Jake Fleisher 10/22/2014
info_outline MINI EP: Interviews w/ Kulap Vilaysack, Dan Delgado, Marc Hershon 10/15/2014
info_outline The Man Who Wasn't There ft. Josh Covitt 10/08/2014
info_outline O Brother Where Art Thou? ft. Matt Gourley 10/01/2014
info_outline The Big Lebowski ft. Thomas Ouellette 09/24/2014
info_outline The Naked Man / Gambit ft. Lara Roizen 09/17/2014
info_outline Fargo ft. Betsy Stover 09/10/2014
info_outline The Hudsucker Proxy ft. Jeremy Turkin 09/03/2014
info_outline Barton Fink ft. Joe Hartzler 08/27/2014