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A Creative Approach Podcast

Karen began her life in the Canadian prairies followed by several years of studying medicine in Montreal. Marriage, family, and career brought her to California where “Snow is optional. You can drive to it.” With a large extended, blended family and a love of travel, Karen’s hobby of scrapbooking has endless resources. An enthusiastic world traveler, she still has the continents of South America and Antartica to cross off her list. Karen loves meeting her network of online friends on her journeys. Karen came to podcasting through scrapbooking and has been a co-host on "The Digiscrap Geek Podcast" (now on hiatus) and a guest on many other shows including a recent episode of “Shift Your Story” with Beca Lewis. Karen remains a licensed physician in California, though currently retired. Karen has wide ranging interests including podcasting, blogging, medicine, and scrapbooking. She is a self-admitted genealogy nut, and life-long learner of art, history, science, business and anthropology with a passion for a sustainable world. She is an artist and a student and is fascinated by people's stories of creating who they are and what they do. She is delighted to share her conversations on “A Creative Approach Podcast.”

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