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Talking About Latin America

This is really just me sitting in a room talking into a microphone every two weeks or so. The subject is Latin America, the region I've worked on for more than 20 years: its challenges—especially security and human rights challenges—and the United States' complicated relationship with it. This podcast accompanies my personal blog, and doesn't reflect the views of my employer, whose much better podcast is at https://www.wola.org/format/podcast/.

info_outline Cartels on the Terrorist List? 03/26/2023
info_outline 4. U.S.-Colombia Relations "in a Challenged Place" 07/11/2017
info_outline 3. The Border Wall and the Budget 04/25/2017
info_outline 2. "The Thing" 04/07/2017
info_outline 1: Worrying About Peace Implementation in Colombia 03/24/2017