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Behind the Data - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Meet the faces 'behind the data'. This podcast discusses various topics and reporting from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). The AIHW is an independent government agency that produces authoritative and accessible info & stats on the health and welfare of Australians. The AIHW publicly releases over 200 reports and data analyses annually, covering over 75 health and welfare topics.

info_outline What's it like to be an AIHW graduate? 06/30/2021
info_outline Australia's youth 06/24/2021
info_outline Dementia mortality during COVID-19 in Australia 04/21/2021
info_outline Golden staph bloodstream infections in Australian public hospitals 03/24/2021
info_outline Looking back at health in 2020 12/16/2020
info_outline Exploring the short-term health impacts of the 2019–20 Australian bushfire season 11/24/2020
info_outline Cancer screening and COVID-19 in Australia 10/07/2020
info_outline Australia's health 2020 07/23/2020